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g   Kerisa McCullough
Nickname(s): Kissa (by friends)
Gender: Female
Born: September 8th,[1] 1998 [2]
Age: 22
Home: Northeast Ohio
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2017
Affiliations: Candy Apple's Dance Center
Friends and Family
Parents: Kelli (mother)
David (father)
Siblings: Kelsea McCullough[3][4][5]
Katlyn McCullough[6][7]
Friends: Tara Johnson
Ayla DeGuzis
Vivi-Anne Stein
Taylor O'Lear
Erika Schrade
Sarah Parish
Justice McCort
Kendall Vertes
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Kerisa Jenn McCullough is a longtime dancer at Candy Apple's Dance Center. She appeared in a number of episodes in Season 2. In 2008, she was crowned Petite Miss Dance of Ohio!

In Dance Moms

In Worst Birthday Party Ever!, she, along with some other Candy Apple's, auditioned for a role on Drop Dead Diva. She also attended the ALDC concert with several other Candy Apple members and took down notes.


Season Two

Season Three

Other information

  • Excluding Vivi-Anne, Kerisa was the last member of Cathy's Season 2 team to remain at Candy Apple's Dance Center.


 I like to shop online and act like I'm going to buy everything I put in my bag.. But then I realize I'm poor. 


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