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g   Kevin Cosculluela
Gender: Male
Born: April 28, 1995[1]
Age: 26
Home: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Dancer
Affiliations: Tulsa Ballet
Dance Attack
Abby Lee Dance Company
Dancer's Edge[2]
Friends and Family
Parents: Barbara Anton Suarez (mother)
Mickey Cosculluela (father)
Siblings: Gino Cosculluela(brother)
Evan Cosculluela (brother)
Angela Cosculluela (sister)
Friends: Brooke Hyland
Nina Linhart
Auriel Welty
Elizabeth Rohm
Elissa Berardi
Emily Burkhart
Episode Run
Debut: Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy
Last: Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy
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Kevin Anton Cosculluela was a guest dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company in the Senior Competition Team during the third season. He is also Gino Cosculluela's brother.

In Dance Moms

He went on a date with Brooke in Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy; later in the episode, he performed in a group dance with Brooke and other girls from Abby's senior company. On his date with Brooke he talked to Brooke about dancing with the Junior Elite Competition team and the date later ended with a food fight involving cake.



To see tables for Kevin Cosculluela's dances and results, visit the Kevin Cosculluela/Dances subpage.


  • With brother Gino and sister Angela, Kevin was on America's Got Talent in 2012.
  • He has been a faculty member of Shock the Intensive, a dance convention presented by Star Systems.
  • He has toured as a principle dancer with the Joffrey Ballet.[3]
  • He was the American Dance Award's male dancer of the year in 2012.[4]
  • During his time as a guest of the ALDC in 2013, Kevin placed first with a solo at a New York City Dance Alliance in Pittsburgh.[5]
  • He came to the ALDC after graduating from Dance Attack in Florida, the same home studio as Gino, Alyssa Chi, Evan Gorbell and John Culbertson.
  • He began studying dance at the age of twelve.[6]
  • Kevin is facing sexual battery charges against two underage students. No update has been made regarding his charges.


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