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“Kill Ride”
JoJo Prom Queen crop
Song by
James Brett
Dance:   "Prom Queen"
Album:   Director's Cuts: Horror
Instrumental, Horror
Extreme Music
Album Chronology
Previous: “”
Current: “Kill Ride”
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To view the song used in the beginning of the dance, see I Come Alive.

Song (Youtube link)
Mix of "I Come Alive", the Psycho pass and "Kill Ride"
"Kill Ride" is a song by James Brett. This song along with the beginning of the song "I Come Alive" by Nicki Kris and a quick violin pass reminiscent of the horror movie Psycho used to indicate a particularly scary scene happening were a mix created and used for JoJo's solo "Prom Queen" in Nia Risks It All. It was used again for JoJo's solo in the Season 5 midseason reunion, Seeing Stars.


  • The dance and song are set to be inspired by the Stephen King novel, 1976 and 2013 remake of the horror film, Carrie.
  • "Kill Ride" can be found here.
  • The full song "I Come Alive" can be found here.

Video Gallery[]

Youtube link
Full dance from Broadcast; Lifetime exclusive full dance

Youtube link
From Seeing Stars