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g   Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen.png
Gender: Female
Home: Las Vegas
Affiliations: ALDC (guest)
Friends and Family
Children: Chloe Nguyen (daughter)
Siblings: brother
Friends: Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni
Jill Vertes
Christi Lukasiak
Kelly Hyland
Holly Hatcher-Frazier
Kira Girard
Jodi Gray
Tami Adamson
Episode Run
Debut: Abby Strikes Back
Last: Clash of the Chloes

 Kim Nguyen is the mother of Chloe Nguyen, who appeared in the Season 4 episode Clash of the Chloes.

On Dance Moms

Kim can briefly be seen in Abby Strikes Back, when her daughter impresses Abby at auditions. They return in Clash of the Chloes, an episode named after her daughter Chloe, and Christi's competing daughter also named Chloe.

She was first seen at pyramid when Abby introduced her and her daughter, "Chloe N." She later got in some trouble with the mothers when her old studio owner called, and she said Chloe N. was dancing circles around the rest of the kids. Later at the competition, Chloe's head-piece falls off, getting her in more trouble with Abby. Lastly after the group performance, Kim says that she wants to leave now that she knows what it's like slumming it in Pittsburgh. The episode ends with Abby telling her that she's not slumming it, and Kim is ridiculous.

In Big Trouble in the Big Apple, it is announced that she and her daughter will not be returning.



  • She works in facial rejuvenation
  • She has a brother who lives in Pittsburgh.
  • She gave Abby a facial rejuvenation kit as a gift

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