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g   Kristie Ray
Kristie Ray-E14-crop
Gender: Female
Born: August 3,[1] 1971 [2]
Age: 49
Height: 5' 3½"[3]
Home: California
Friends and Family
Spouse: Shawn Ray (husband)
Parents: Nana Vicky (mother)
Children: Asia Monet Ray (daughter)
Bella Blu (daughter)
Siblings: Gina (sister)
Anthony (brother) [4]
Friends: Jill Vertes
Christi Lukasiak
Holly Hatcher-Frazier
Kelly Hyland
Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni
Episode Run
Debut: Watch Your Back, Mack
Last: Dance Moms Reunion:
Hurricane Abby

  Kristie Ray is the mother of Asia Monet Ray, as well as another daughter, Bella Blu.

Prior to Dance Moms, she had appeared alongside Asia in the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Contest. After leaving Dance Moms, Kristie starred in the reality television series Raising Asia.

Kristie is married to Shawn Ray, a well-known former professional bodybuilder. As Kristie Alvarado prior to her marriage in April 2003,[5][6] Kristie was a bodybuilder,[7][8] owner of a skin care salon, and a certified paramedic.[9]

In Dance Moms

Season Three

  • In Watch Your Back, Mack, Abby announces at pyramid that Asia will be joining them. Abby also says that Kristie has signed the same contract as the other moms, and she will be there "for the duration." Kristie says Asia loves Abby, and they have moved to Pittsburgh.
  • In The View From the Top, she has Asia sign a gigantic thank you card for Abby. Before Abby makes a decision on whether to let Asia dance on The View, Kristie tells her daughter to be prepared for being left in favor of Mackenzie; later, Kristie is neither surprised nor disappointed when Mackenzie is the one actually selected.
  • In Candy Apple Showdown, she argues with Jill and Christi on whether Asia ever cries. After she keeps Asia from ice-skating, she fights with Christi about the reasons.
  • Tell All, Part 2, Abby compliments Kristie's behavior in comparison to the other moms. Kristie and Jill again argue over whose kid cries. When Abby says all the girls cry too much, Kristie says they're not going to make it if they can't take criticism. She also tells Jill and Christi that they should leave Abby's studio if they are unhappy there.
  • In Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't, she worries that the judges will not understand the theme of Asia and Chloe's duet.
  • In The Big, Not So, Easy, she announces that Asia will be done with the ALDC and competitive dance after nationals, pursuing other dancing opportunities in Los Angeles. After Christi and Leslie get into a major fight, Leslie is absent from a meeting of the moms, and Kristie takes up Leslie's defense, accusing others of lying. Kristie calmly tells Abby that she's fed-up, and is leaving even prior to the national competition.
  • In Hurricane Abby, she again takes sides with Leslie against Christi on the fight. Kristie and Leslie also claim that the other moms feel bullied and afraid of Christi. With Leslie again, Kristie also supports Melissa's decision to take her daughters to a filming of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.



  • She was a gymnast when she was a child.
  • She enjoys watching all styles of dancing.
  • Her hobbies include: theater, concerts and dance competitions.
  • If Asia won the $100,000 from AUDC, Kristie would have used it for further dance training.
  • Shawn Ray ended training for Mr. Olympia to dedicate himself to starting a family.[10]


 Well, thank God I have a hundred thousand dollars. 
 Kristie, on warnings about Abby's contract
 Asia is a professional. 
 Kristie [citation needed]
 Kristie, look at you! Whoa. Fabulous. I want to be like that when I grow up. 
 Abby, on Kristie's appearance in "The View From the Top"


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