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g   Kurt Ziegler
111 Kurt Ziegler cropped
Gender: Male
Born: January 10, 1965
Age: 55 years old
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Senior Loan Officer
Affiliations: Security National Mortgage Company
Friends and Family
Spouse: Melissa Ziegler (ex-wife)
Parents: James Ziegler
Children: Maddie Ziegler (daughter)
Mackenzie Ziegler (daughter)
Ryan Ziegler (son)
Tyler Ziegler (son)
Feuds: Melissa Ziegler
Abby Lee Miller
Episode Run
Debut: It All Ends Here
Last: It All Ends Here

  Kurt Ziegler is the father of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. He is the former husband of Melissa Ziegler.

On Dance Moms

  • In It All Ends Here, Kurt stepped in to replace Melissa at the competition as she was unable to attend.
  • During an argument with Abby, he expressed that he didn't want his daughters to attend her studio.
  • Kurt was mentioned once again in The Runaway Mom after the moms questioned Melissa as to whether she was going to bring Kurt or Greg to the competition. She stated that Kurt was unable to attend due to a hockey tournament.


Other Information

  • Kurt and Abby both attended the Penn Hills High.
  • He was previously an athlete.
  • In May 2009, Kurt and his then wife Melissa, filed for chapter seven bankruptcy- owing $1,214,284.15 to creditors. The case was later discharged in July of 2010.[1]
  • Kurt and Melissa owned a mortgage company together.[2]
  • Maddie revealed in a recent interview that she doesn't get to see her dad often but when she does, it's usually on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.[3]
  • According to both Melissa and Kurt, dance destroyed their marriage.

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  1. "Maddie Ziegler‘s parents filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in May of 2009. Kurt and Melissa Ziegler, who were married at the time of the joint filing, owed $1,214,284.15 to creditors."
  2. "Melissa and Kurt Ziegler owned a mortgage company, Custom Mortgages Inc in Jeannette, PA"
  3. ""I don't see much of my dad, I live with my stepdad, who's awesome. He's like my best friend. I usually see my dad on holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve - definitely not Christmas though, because all my presents are at my house," she explained."
  4. Followed by Maddie
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