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g   Lucas-Kimmy Relationship
Relationship Information
Between: Kimmy Kopke

Lucas Triana

Ship Name: Limmy
Status: Friends
Possible crushes
First Interaction: Get Fierce!
Last Interaction: Move Over, I'm the Star

  Limmy is the friendship and possible crush pairings of Kimmy Kopke and Lucas Triana.

The Love[]

In pictures, both are often seen hugging. Their duet "If This is Real" was about them being in love which they portrayed well. In many dances, Lucas and Kimmy have to do partner work and are opposite in dances.

In Dance Moms: Miami[]

In Get Fierce!, they had a duet together. Lucas was upset after he dropped Kimmy in rehearsal, but Kimmy didn't get mad. After the duet, they shared a touching hug and the duet got first.

In Your Duet Can Take a Bow, Lucas helped Kimmy get into the bad girl persona. In a confession, he said Kimmy was all nice and that they were opposites because he was all bad.

In Don't Take That Tone With Me, they had another duet in which they had to act in love. They also had to write love notes to each other. Before the duet, Lucas said the duet would go well because they (Lucas and Kimmy) were both cute. The duet got first. At the end, Lucas said the letter was worth it.

In Pushed to the Edge of the Dance Floor, when Sammy blamed Kimmy for the drop in the group dance, Lucas told the moms it wasn't her fault. Kimmy seemed shocked that Lucas would stick up for her because Sammy was a close friend.

In Move Over, I'm the Star, they got a duet which was later changed to a trio with Mia. Kimmy was shown to be a little sad after it was changed because she was worried she wouldn't have duets with Lucas anymore.



Get Fierce![]

Victor: Lucas and Kimmy sittin' in a tree, D-A-N-C-I-N-G!

Don't Take That Tone With Me[]

Lucas: (Reading Kimmy's love letter) Dear Lucas, I'm so excited about our duet. The way you take control on the dance floor takes my breath away. When you take me in your arms, I melt. When you look into my eyes, I feel like we're the only two people in the room. Love, Kimmy.

Kimmy: (Reading Lucas's love letter) Dear Kimmy, I'm very happy we are having another duet together. I think it's destiny that we became partners. Just trust me and let go, jump into my arms and know that you will always be safe and not fall. Even if you do fall, I will always catch you.


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