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g   Lucas Triana
Lucas Triana crop tn c2015.jpg
Gender: Male
Born: March 5, 2002
Age: 20
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2020
Affiliations: STARS Dance Studio[1]
CADC (former guest)
Friends and Family
Parents: Oscar Triana (father)
Brigette Triana (mother)
Siblings: Logan (younger brother)
Lex (younger brother)
Friends: Angel Armas
Victor Smalley
Sammy Small
Kimmy Kopke
Jessi Kennedy
Hannah Epstein
Sophia Lucia
Jackie Lucia
Blake McGrath
Mark Meismer
Jordyn Jones
Love Interests: Sammy Small (former crush)
Maddie Ziegler (former crush)
Maria (girlfriend)[2]
Episode Run
Debut: Get Fierce! (DM: Miami)
Clash of the Dance Moms (DM)
Last: Move Over, I'm the Star(DM: Miami)
The New Maddie?(DM)
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Lucas Triana is a dancer who featured on both Dance Moms and Dance Moms: Miami. Lucas was one of the stars of Dance Moms: Miami but after the cancellation of the show, he joined the Candy Apple's Dance Center on Dance Moms.

Other Information

  • His favorite dance to perform and watch is contemporary.[3]
  • If he doesn't become a professional dancer, he wants to be an actor.[3]
  • His favorite subjects are math and science because they're his strongest.[3]
  • His favorite colors are green and purple.[3]
  • What he likes about living in Miami is having fun in the sun and spending time at the beach.[3]
  • He has won 10 titles in dance.
  • He has appeared in an SAG Publix commercial.
  • He made a cameo in the music video "Twilight" by Cover Drive.
  • In addition to dance, Lucas models, skateboards, swims and rides his bike.
  • Lucas and his instructor Victor Smalley share a very close bond and even refer to themselves as "twins".
  • Lucas and Kimmy have paired up for several duets.
  • His brother Lex also studies dance at STARS and Logan is currently active in basketball.
  • Lucas danced with Kimmy, Hannah, and Sammy in the music video "I'm Not Perfect."
  • Lucas made a small cameo in "You've Been Unfriended" placing 2nd with his solo in his division.
  • Lucas is the only dancer apart of the Dance Moms franchise to have a prominent role in both Dance Moms and Dance Moms: Miami. Lucas is also the only dancer to be featured in both shows, which included two cameo appearances before officially joining Candy Apples Dance Center as a team member.
  • Lucas has been on the top of the list the most.
  • On Dance Moms Miami, Lucas did the most dances, with a total of 15.
  • On Dance Moms Miami, all his duets and trios have gotten first.
  • His favorite dance move is a tilt.[1]
  • Lucas has stated that his favorite girl from the ALDC is Chloe Lukasiak.
  • Lucas has said that he likes ALDC better than CADC, and would rather go there than CADC when he films.
  • Lucas has Nephrotic Syndrome.

Other Credits

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