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g   Maddie Ziegler
Nickname(s): Mads
Maddie Girl (by Tonya Brewer)
Bro (by Kendall)
Mini Sia
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: September 30th, 2002
Age: 17
Home: Murrysville, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2020
Affiliations: Dance Mechanics
IMG Models
ALDC (former)
Height: 5' 5”
Friends and Family
Parents: Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni (mother)
Kurt Ziegler (father)
Greg Gisoni (step-father)
Siblings: Mackenzie (sister)
Ryan (half-brother)
Tyler (half-brother)
Mathew (step-brother)
Michele (step-sister)
Paige (step-sister)
Tori (step-sister)
Christian (step-brother) [1]
Grandparents: Bopcha (maternal grandmother; deceased)
Friends: Kendall Vertes
Kalani Hilliker
Nia Frazier
Brynn Rumfallo
JoJo Siwa
Gianna Martello
Mackenzie Ziegler
Gavin Morales
Chloe Lukasiak
Elliana Walmsley
Paige Hyland
Brooke Hyland
Pressley Hosbach
Nick Dobbs
Coco Jones
Lilia Buckingham
Millie Bobby Brown
Maisy Stella
Johnny Orlando
Lauren Orlando
Mandla Morris
Kailand Morris
Bailee Madison
Charlize Glass
Cameron Field
Kate Hudson
Alexis Ren
Love Interests: Eddie Benjamin (boyfriend)
Jack Kelly (ex-boyfriend)
Zac Efron (celebrity crush)
Natalia (cousin)
Nicole (cousin)
Renee (aunt)
Pets: Molly (dog, deceased)[2]
Maliboo (dog)
Boots (dog)
Peanut (cat, rehomed)
Episode Run
Debut: The Competition Begins
Last: Maddie and Mackenzie Say Goodbye
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Feat. video: Solo "Cellophane" (2017)
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Madison "Maddie" Nicole Ziegler (born September 30, 2002) is the eldest child of Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni and Kurt Ziegler and is the sister of Mackenzie.

During her time on Dance Moms, Maddie was known to be Abby's favorite. This often caused tension between the moms and Abby, with them arguing that the other girls deserved just as much attention.

Maddie gained worldwide recognition in 2014 after appearing in the viral music video for Sia's "Chandelier". She has since gone on to become a significant part of Sia's artistic image- appearing in multiple other music videos for the singer as well as touring with her.

Maddie and her family chose to depart from the show mid-Season 6 to pursue other projects.

Other Information

  • Maddie's half-brother, Tyler, has a tattoo of her birthday in roman numerals on his chest.[3] He also has a similar tattoo for Mackenzie on his side.[4][5]
  • Maddie's lucky number is 13, as "M" is the 13th letter in the alphabet.[6]
  • She has stated that her favorite dance move is a switch sissone and that she considers it to be her signature dance move.
  • Maddie started taking dance, voice and acting lessons at the Abby Lee Dance Company at 2.5 years old.
  • Melissa says Maddie is a "Type A" personality and needs to be prepared by organizing her upcoming wardrobe, and arriving early to events.[7]
  • According to Maddie, Melissa first began her dancing at a "random ballet school" when she was two years old.[8]
  • She got braces during the fall of 2012 but had them taken off sometime before the filming for 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas.
  • In February 2016, she was a background dancer in the Disneyland's 60th Anniversary.
  • As of 2018, she has appeared in a total of six music videos for Australian singer Sia. Additionally, she appeared in one music video for collaborative group LSD, which features the singer.
  • Maddie has starred in a total of 5 movies so far; The Book of Henry, Leap!, Music, To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You and Steven Spielberg's West Side Story remake. She is set to star alongside Kate Hudson in an upcoming film, “Music”, directed by Sia.
  • Sometime in late 2019, Maddie started dating Australian singer/songwriter, Eddie Benjamin. She wants to keep this relationship more private than her last one, so it wasn't speculated that she had a boyfriend until December 2019.
  • In 2019, Maddie became an ambassador for the athletic wear brand, Fabletics.
  • In 2020, Maddie will star alongside Jenna Ortega in a movie called The Fallout. Maddie plays a shy dancer named Mia.
  • In April 2020, Maddie and Mackenzie guest starred on an episode of Liza Koshy's dance show, Floored.
  • In April 2020, Maddie started fostering a puppy from The Labelle Foundation. She ended up adopting the dog, naming him Boots.
  • In June 2020, Maddie launched a makeup line with Morphe called "Morphe X Maddie Ziegler."

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