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g   Maryen Lorrain Miller
Maryen Lorrain Miller.jpg
Gender: Female
Born: August 6, 1927
Died: February 8, 2014 (age 86)
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Miami, Florida
Occupation: Dance Instructor
Affiliations: Reign Dance Productions
Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio
Friends and Family
Spouse: George L. Miller (deceased)[1]
Children: Abby Lee Miller (daughter)
Pets: Broadway Baby (poodle; deceased)[2][3]
Episode Run
Debut: When Stars Collide
Last: Blame It on the New Girl

  Maryen Lorrain Miller was the mother of Abby Lee Miller. Maryen opened her first dance studio in 1945, and began her lifetime membership in Dance Masters of America in 1946.[4] Mrs. Miller died of colon cancer on February 8, 2014.[5]


Maryen spent her early years in Pittsburgh beginning to dance in 1933,[6] and studying under Martha Davies. Eventually Maryen's family moved to Miami.[1] Maryen briefly danced for the USO; forbidden by her father to continue dancing, she instead began teaching children to dance in 1944,[6] and opened her own studio in 1945.[7]

After marrying George L. "Solley"[7] Miller, Maryen retired from her dance studio at age thirty-six and moved back to Pittsburgh, giving the studio to her students instead of selling her name.[6] After six months of retirement, Maryen founded the Maryen Lorrain School of Dance - [1] a school which would eventually be renamed Reign Dance Productions.[8] Eighteen months after founding the school, Maryen gave birth to Abby.

Maryen enrolled Abby in a wide variety of activities, including Girl Scouts, clarinet lessons, ice skating, roller skating, sewing, ski club and swim team. Eventually she gave Abby the chance to choreograph by age fourteen.[7]

Some of Maryen's former students have included Linda Lee (with Abby partly named after her surname), Albert Stevenson, Viola, Terry Eno, [7] and Sylvia Hitchcock (Miss USA and Miss Universe, 1967).[1][9]

Sadly, Maryen Lorrain Miller danced her last dance on February 8th, 2014 as she passed away from colon cancer.

In Dance Moms

  • Maryen can first be seen leaving a restaurant with Abby in When Stars Collide, following a discussion between Christi and Abby about the fight in the previous episode.
  • Maryen makes a more important appearance in Love on the Dance Floor, when Abby and Maryen take the team to visit their second home in Orlando. Towards the end of the first season, Abby learns that her mother is hospitalized, and becomes stressed in deciding whether to leave the kids before the season is finished.
  • In You've Been Unfriended, she can be seen watching Paige and Nia's duet.
  • In Bye Bye Baby, Abby seeks her mother's comfort after her dog Broadway Baby passes away. Abby comes to the realization that Maryen is all Abby has left in this world, and fears her mother might similarly die while she is away with her students.
  • In the third season, the Mother's Day special The Mother of All Specials focuses on Maryen and her relationship with her daughter Abby, as well as clips of other mother/daughter moments from previous episodes.


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