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McKenzie Morales (born December 26, 2002) was a guest dancer for Candy Apple's Dance Center in Season 4/5 as well as a guest at JC's Broadway Dance Academy in Season 6. Her brother is Gavin Morales.

Outside of Dance Moms, she is a member of Dolce Dance Studio. She has won several national and regional dance titles, including "Miss Showbiz."

In Dance Moms[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

  • In Abby Got Served, a brief clip of McKenzie performing a solo can be seen.[4]
  • In Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby, McKenzie had a solo that she competed with [[::Category:The Rage|The Rage]]. She placed 2nd in the Junior Division and 4th overall behind Maddie, Kalani and her brother. She also participated in the group dance with [[::Category:The Rage|The Rage]] and it placed 3rd overall behind Murrieta Dance Project and ALDC. Neither her solo nor the group dance were shown.
  • In The New Maddie?, she had a solo "Come to Me" that did not place and was not show in the broadcast. She also performed in the group dance "Torn" which placed 2nd. This is the final episode McKenzie will appear as a guest dancer for CADC. This coincides with a time when her mother alleges that Brigette and Abby had been bullying McKenzie, with Jo Anne also claiming that Melissa played a role in facilitating their communication.

Other information[]

  • Her zodiac sign is a Capricorn.
  • McKenzie began dancing at seven years old.[5]
  • In 2013, she said the favorite solo she had performed was probably "Hot Like Wow." [6]
  • McKenzie's favorite style of dance is jazz because she loves to be fierce.[7]
  • When McKenzie isn't dancing you can often find her swimming, watching a movie, or stretching.[8]
  • If McKenzie could do a duet with any dancer in the world, she would choose Sam Cantoria because she is a great dancer and McKenzie looks up to her.[9]
  • McKenzie likes turtles.
  • In 2014 she was featured in the Spring/Summer edition of Starbound Magazine as an up and coming young dance star.
  • McKenzie, along with her brother, was invited to be a guest performed at the prestigious Gala de Danza in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He performed along side the world's most prestigious professional dancers including Misty Copeland, Brooklyn Mack, Marcelino Sambe, Qi Haun, and Gillian Murphy.
  • McKenzie's advice to young dancers who would like to become as successful as her is to always try your best, work hard, and have fun!
  • Jo Anne (Mckenzie and Gavin's mom) confirmed[10] on her tumblr account that her and her kids will not be returning to Dance Moms after episode nine, claiming that McKenzie was bullied by a CADC mom and Abby.
  • Mckenzie was diagnosed with anxiety at the age of ten and was later diagnosed with a developing eating disorder in 2015.
  • McKenzie quit dance at the age of 15.


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