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"Mini Dancers, Big Drama" is the third episode of the sixth season of Dance Moms. It first aired on January 19, 2016.


Abby's new mini team arrives at the ALDC LA and tensions are high. Distracted by new moms, new dancers and her continuing legal troubles, Abby is hanging on by a thread, and everyone knows it. Meanwhile, Ashlee and Brynn are caught in Jill's crosshairs as Kendall's position on the Junior Competition team is threatened.[2]

Competition Attended

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
Junior Elite Team
Straight Outta Pittsburgh Hip Hop 1st in Teen
Sheer Brilliance Award
JoJo I'll Show You the Dark Side Hip Hop 2nd in Pre-Teen
Kendall All Eyes On Me Jazz 1st in Teen
Mini Team
Areana Wonderland
(not shown)
Lyrical 1st in Junior

Other Information

  • Pyramid
    • Kalani
    • JoJo, Brynn
    • Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall
  • Kira gave birth Wednesday morning to a baby boy, Jett David Newman. Kalani flew back home to Arizona shortly after to meet him.
  • Gianna did not choreograph or assist with choreography this week because she attended Jennine Wedge's wedding and also was not at the competition.
  • Maddie was still in New York for filming and did not attend the competition.
  • Abby refused to sit down with the crowd at the competition.[5]
  • The group dance was choreographed by Guy Amir (bio link) and Rumer Noel (bio link).
  • This the first episode to feature Tiffanie and Alexus Oladi, Mary and Alysa Owen, Sari and Areana Lopez, and Kerri and Peyton Evans.

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