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g   Molly Thorpe-Franklin
Molly MoodyMe.jpg
Nickname(s): Mol
Gender: Female
Born: April 14, 2004 [1]
Age: 18
Home: Liverpool
Occupation: Dancer
Year 13 in 2021/22 school year
Affiliations: Nazene Danelle's Dance Dynamix
JEDT (former)
Hobbies: Dance
Friends and Family
Parents: Helen Thorpe-Franklin
Siblings: Evie (sister)
Lily (sister)
Olly (brother)
Darcy (sister)[2]
Friends: Aleah Simpson
Tayluer Amos
Eleiyah Navis
Chloe Fenton
Sam Dennis
Chloe Greenwood
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer
Last: It's the Dance World Cup
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Feat. video: Hip Hop Solo
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Molly Grace Thorpe-Franklin (born April 14 2004) is ‘Miss Independent’ and takes a serious approach to dancing. Having grown up without her mother waiting in the wings, she has learnt to do her own hair bun, which is a real bone of contention among the other mums. She knows how much her mum has invested into her dancing and how proud she is of her. Being one of the younger members of the group, Molly aspires to be like older girls Tayluer and Eleiyah.[3]

She and her mum did not return for the second season of Dance Mums.

Other Information

  • Molly performed a ballet solo at the 2014 Dance World Cup that was not shown on the episode It's the Dance World Cup; it can be seen here. She and Chloe Jnr. also performed a trio with another girl, Jess, it can be seen here.
  • Molly's mum gave birth to her sister, Darcy Ella around January 17, 2015.[4][5]
  • Despite not being on the show anymore, she still remains close with the girls.
  • She was a 2014/15 World Champion.
  • Molly has also won the Janet Cram Best Performance award.
  • She competed a hip hop solo at the Dance World Cup 2015 in Romania. It is rumored that she won a silver medal. The solo can be watched here.
  • Molly, Chloe and Jessica (dancer from NDDD) call themselves "The Twinkelettes".


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Filmography and Discography

Acting Credits

Year Series Role Notes
2014 Doll Factory Minor Role Set to be released sometime in 2015

As Herself

Year Series Role Notes
2014 Dance Mums Main Cast Molly had been part of the team since it's creation but was dismissed prior to No-one's Safe due to her being one of the bottom two on the final pyramid in It's the Dance World Cup.


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