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g Nationals 90210
Season Two, Episode Twenty-Six
Air Date: September 11, 2012
Viewers: 2.108 million, 0.8 rating (18-49)[1]
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Solo Fever
Reunion, Part 1
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"Nationals 90210" is the twenty-sixth episode and season finale of season two of Dance Moms. It first aired on September 11, 2012.


The second season concludes with the dancers competing for a national title in Beverly Hills, but the team is shaken when Abby forces Chloe, Kendall, and Nia to compete for a solo spot.

Competition Attended

Energy Dance Competition in Beverly Hills, California, ending on July 18, 2012

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
The Last Text Contemporary 1st
National Title
Brooke The Diary of Anne Frank Acrobatic Contemporary 1st
Teen Miss Energy
Chloe Silence Contemporary 1st
Junior Miss Energy
Mackenzie Killer Bee Acrobatic 1st
Petite Miss Energy
Maddie Telling Myself Lyrical 2nd
Candy Apple's Dance Center
Dance Name
Dance Style
The Storm Musical Theater did not place
Justice Never Surrender Contemporary 3rd
(Not Shown)
Jazz did not place
Erika Essence
(Not Shown)
Contemporary 3rd[2]
(Not Shown)
Contemporary 9th[3]

Other information

  • Following awards on the night of July 18 and early morning of the nineteenth, tweets from Cathy, attending Candy Apple's mothers,[4] dancers,[5][6][7] and at least one CADC team choreographer[8] indicated that Christi had choked Cathy; that the violence seemed very real to them;[9] that it was very emotionally upsetting;[10] that the police were called; that Christi left the scene;[11][12] and that a report was filed with the police authorities.[13] Cathy additionally tweeted that Tanya McCort and Kara del Rey had pulled Christi off of her.[14] Tanya also indicated that Justice ran off while witnessing the incident[15], and when Maddie arrived moments later to the scene, Maddie sweetly tried to soothe Justice (as well as calm the other upset CADC children.)[16][17][18] Christi tweeted that there are two sides to every story; that cameras backed her side[19]; and that everything you read on Internet is not necessarily true[20]. The rest of the ALDC were mostly quiet on Twitter about the incident, although Brooke retweeted a message by Kerisa that "I am pretty positive" things have been taken too far when the cops are called; and retweeted another message by Erika that "I just want to go home." Edited, non-continuous camera footage of whatever happened was shown in Reunion, Part 1, and the incident was discussed again in The Smoke Before the Fire, with Abby stating that she thought Cathy should have pressed charges.
  • Tanya indicated there had been a decision regarding Cathy and the CADC to quit the show because of hatred they received from its fans; and that this decision was already made prior to the above incident. It was unclear if this prior decision involved only Justice, or all the CADC dancers[21]; but soon Tanya tweeted on July 19th that "the apples quit dance moms [but] not real life studio." [22]
  • Energy National Dance stated they had their results online for only a very brief period of time, and these were taken down before the episode aired, to the frustration of those curious about the event.[23][24][25][26][27] A cached page of results has been impossible to find, possibly due to the brief period of direct availability.

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  2. Erika can be seen standing two positions after Brooke at awards. Matches Mitchell Finke's admittedly imprecise later memory that she was third.
  3. Taylor's seeming line-position at awards, assuming no ties; Mitchell Finke had later seemed to remember her top 5, in the same Afterbuzz interview segment about Erika at the event.
  4. Barb Schrade @BarbSchrade · 18 Jul 2012 This was ABSOLUTELY the most horrendous experience EVER!! Classless Christie chokes Cathy!! In front of our children! She's Not a role model
  5. Kerisa McCullough: "What I just witnessed... no kid kid should have to see!!"
  6. Taylor O'Lear: "@belinda_nz not strangle. I saw her hit Cathy in the lip. We all saw it differently but it all happened. Hands around neck"
  7. Erika Schrade: "Christi choked Cathy infront of all of us. I am so upset. I have never seen anything so out of line in my life."
  8. Mitchell A Finke ‏@mitchellafinke
    “@KyraLovesSelena: @ErikaSchrade Was the Christi and Kathy thing real?... @Dancemomchristi” YES IT WAS 100% TRUE!
  9. Татьяна Лебедева @Tanyamccort · 19 Jul 2012 @kjmepa just screaming&absurdity the normal dancemoms stuff went waaay too far for the 1st time tonight ={
  10. Татьяна Лебедева @Tanyamccort · 19 Jul 2012 @karadelrey justice took off down the street screaming ...yeah awesome huh?!
    @heathherk thank u! Justice is a mess tho
  11. Erika Schrade @ ErikaSchrade
    @errfootball Christi left when the police came
  12. Christi Lukasiak ‏@Dancemomchristi 19 Jul 2012
    Note to all: just because you read something on the Internet does not make it true. If so, the sky would be purple.

    Kelli McCullough ‏@superdancemom 19 Jul 2012
    @Dancemomchristi right is right & wrong is wrong. Being ON or being A "dance mom" does not make it gray!

    Barb Schrade @BarbSchrade · 19 Jul 2012 12:05 AM - 19 Jul 2012
    @superdancemom @dancemomchristi kelly look outside..the sky is purple! When cops called u usually stay and tell ur side. Those that run
  13. Barb Schrade ‏@BarbSchrade
    @meganleen yes she did and police report filed. Cathy bruised and scratched up. Not a pretty scene.
  14. Cathy Nesbitt-Stein Verified account ‏@Poodletoes1
    @Tanyamccort @karadelrey thanks for being my guardian angel and pulling off dance mom Christi way to act in front of your kids.
  15. tanyamccort‏@Tanyamccort [name prefix changed at later date, possibly with account hacked]
    19 Jul 2012
    @cait_leiby cait! All kids were there except Maddie!Justice ran down the street screaming-can I say F'ing disaster-Maddie was trying 2 help
    older version prior to name prefix change:
  16. tanyamccort@Tanyamccort
    @thenameisgaelle justice is ok-Maddie was very sweet to him! It was all just really scary to c an adult fight
  17. Татьяна Лебедева ‏@Tanyamccort 19 Jul 2012
    @niallsmymofo_ I didn't c n e of the kids reaction~justice took off screaming &maddie was trying2help-I have no clue cause it was all crazy
  18. Barb Schrade @BarbSchrade · 18 Jul 2012 @Dachshund612 yes. Most unprofessional display by Christi and holly and kids minus maddie EVER displayed!! #classless
  19. Christi Lukasiak Verified account ‏@Dancemomchristi
    Just remember: there are 2 sides to every story. And I have a tv crew to back up mine.
  20. Christi Lukasiak Verified account ‏@Dancemomchristi
    Note to all: just because you read something on the Internet does not make it true. If so, the sky would be purple.
    6:52 AM - 19 Jul 2012
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