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g No-one's Safe
Season 2, Episode 1
Dance Mums 201 group dance 2
Air Date: October 12, 2015
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It's the Dance World Cup
Our Team is Falling Apart
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"No-one's Safe" is the first episode of the second season of Dance Mums. It first aired on October 12, 2015 in the UK.


Week 1 sees a new team member, an understudy, shed loads of arguments and performances to remember at the competition - but will the first episode in this season end with winning performances!?[1]

Competition Attended

  • Camberley

Weekly Dances

Jennifer Ellison Dance Team
Dance Name
Dance Style
Alice Contemporary Did Not Place
(not shown; released as extra)
Contemporary 2nd
Sam Chandelier Contemporary Did Not Place
Eleiyah She's Like The Wind Lyrical 1st
Harry Edward Scissorhands
(full rehearsal released as extra)
Contemporary Scratched
Debbie Barrass Dance School
Dance Name
Dance Style
Ali Rasul Mad World Contemporary 2nd

Other Information

  • Pyramid:
    • Sam
    • Eleiyah, Harry
    • Chloe, Tayluer, Aleah
  • The placements on the pyramid were based on how well the headshot looked. Aleah was on the bottom because one her eyes had blue eye shadow on and the other has no makeup. Tayluer was next because her bun was "wonky". Chloe was last on the bottom row because a bit of her lipstick is smudged into her cheek. She placed Harry's headshot on after him and his mum came into the room. Not much is said about Eleiyah and Sam's headshots.
  • Each team member was assigned a character role:
    • Alice: Aleah
    • Red Queen: Tayluer
    • Mad Hatter: Harry
    • Caterpillar: Sam
    • White Rabbit: Chloe
    • Cheshire Cat: Eleiyah
  • The character role of Alice caused much debate because it was unknown who would play the role, Aleah or Evie (the understudy), until the door was opened during the performance. The role ended up going to Aleah.
  • The episode introduced Debbie Barrass, a local rival for the JEDT. One of her team members, Ali Rasul performed a solo that was shown on the episode.
  • Prior to the episode airing, most of the dancers and mums, including the new members, attended a premiere party. Jennifer set up a Periscope feed and answered questions by fans. She teased that Debbie Barrass' team is her team's Candy Apple's.
  • Jennifer revealed that Molly and Chloe Snr. were dismissed from the team as they were the two dancers at the bottom of the "final" pyramid in It's the Dance World Cup.

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