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Song by
David O'Dowda and Rachel Wood
Dance:   "Conspiracy"
Album:   Velvet Ears 12
Alternative, Indie
Writer(s):   David O'Dowda, Rachel Wood
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Current: “Opposite”
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Song (Youtube link)
"Opposite" is a song by David O'Dowda and Rachel Wood. It was used for the CADC's group dance "Conspiracy" in Kiss or Get Off the Pot.

Youtube link


Where's the buildings with our faces
And the roads that offer life
Where's the opposite of roses
And the opposite of life alone

Where's the roads to wonder slowly
And the walls to block us in
Where's the opposite of frowning
And the opposite of life alone

Where's the flowers from the garden
When the rose is almost done
You have petals, I have fruit for you
I will love you till my heart is done