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Abby does multiple choice trivia before the commercial break in Abby's Most OMG Moments and in Abby's Dance-a-Thon.

Abby's Most OMG Moments Questions[]

  • What does Cathy's husband sell?

A) Bait; B) Re-tread tires; C) Comic books; D) Beef Jerky

   Beef Jerky is correct.

(Footage shown of beef jerky commercial from Topless Showgirls.)

  • What is the name of Abby's dog?

A) Pirouette; B) Dancing Dolly; C) Broadway Baby

   Broadway Baby is correct.

(Footage shown of Cathy encountering Broadway Baby, pushed by Abby in stroller, from The Runaway Mom.)

  • Who owes Abby the most money?

A) Kelly; B) Christi; C) Holly; D) Melissa

   Christi is correct.

(Footage shown of argument following Chloe's headpiece falling over her eyes in The Competition Begins.)

  • What is Kelly's drink of choice?


   The correct answer is supposedly "Anything you're pouring."

(Footage of Kelly and Christi at the bar in The Competition Begins.)

Abby's Dance-A-Thon Questions[]

  • At what age did Abby start her career as a choreographer?

A. 13 B. 17 C. 20 D. 24

   13 is correct.

  • Who was a former student of Abby's?

A. Holly B. Christi C. Melissa D. Kelly

   Kelly is correct.

  • Who gave up dance for cheerleading?

A. Brooke B. Christi C. Payton D. Kelly

    Brooke and Kelly are correct.

  • How many Broadway shows have featured members of the Abby Lee Dance Company?

A. 3 B. 6 C. 12 D. 17

    12 is correct.