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Related Competitions
The general idea for this page is to collect results and links for ALDC-attended competitions that were not filmed for the show, but particularly involving the ALDC's more public dancers

Sheer Talent, 2016 06/11-16, Las Vegas

Sheer Talent

Nuvo, 2015 11/20-22, Pittsburgh (at time of S6-E07)

  • City Info, Results
  • Sarah Hunt: "Winter" (Lyrical) - 4th in Mini, High Gold (search YouTube)
  • Kylie Edwards: "Origins" (Jazz) - Junior, High Gold (search YouTube)
  • Haley Vrolijk: "Porcelain Doll" (Specialty) - Junior, High Gold (search YouTube)
  • Brooke Kosinski: "That's Life" (Musical Theatre) - 9th in Junior, High Gold (search YouTube)
  • Jessa Kinter: "Tonight" (Contemporary) - 7th in Junior, High Gold (search YouTube)
  • Kaleigh Cavanaugh (Kate's Dance Company Plus): "Fame" (Contemporary) - Teen (search YouTube)
  • Kaeli Ware: "For You" (Contemporary) - 4th in Teen (search YouTube)
  • Group dance: "Spare Change" (Contemporary) - Junior (search YouTube)
  • Scholarships
    • Mini Female Breakout Artist: Sarah Hunt (Runner-Up)
    • Teen Female Breakout Artist: Kaleigh Cavanaugh (Runner-Up), Kaeli Ware (Runner-Up)
    • Standout in Tap: Brooke Kosinski, Haley Vrolijk
    • Standout in Jazz: Jessica Ross
    • Standout in Ballet: Jessa Kinter
    • Die Hard Dancer: Kylie Edwards

Sheer Talent, 2015 07/27-08/01, Foxwoods

Sheer Talent
  • Results
  • Kendall "Rise and Fall - Pre-Teen Miss Sheer Talent
  • Maddie "All God's Creatures" - 1st place, highest scoring solo of the entire competition, Titanium
  • Maddie "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'" - 3rd, Titanium
  • Olivia Ice "How Will I Know" - Senior Miss Sheer Talent 1st Runner-Up, Titanium
  • Keara Sweeney "Defeated" - Teen Miss Sheer Talent 4th Runner-Up
  • Sarah H. - Titanium
  • Sarah H. "Violente" - Platinum
  • Anastasia "Jeux D'Eau" - 10th, Titanium
  • Brooke K. "New York, New York" - 2nd, Titanium
  • Nick D. "Manhattan" - Senior Mister Sheer Talent 1st Runner-Up
  • Haley "Anything Can Happen" - Junior Miss Sheer Talent 2nd Runner-Up, Titanium
  • Dyson Ramey "I Could Have Danced All Night" - Titanium, 2nd Preteen Male Solo
  • Alex "Jumpin' Jive" - 4th Teen Male Solo, Platinum
  • Ryan "Clown" - 3rd, Titanium
  • Rylee Pratt "Colors" - 10th, Platinum
  • Katherine "Blackbird" - 3rd, Titanium
  • Haley & Anastasia "Wonderful World" - Titanium, 3rd Junior Duet
  • Kendall and Maddie "Through the Glass" - 1st Overall High Score Titanium Solo/Duet/Trio
  • Mackenzie, Brooke K. "Bombshell" - 2nd Overall High Score Titanium Solo/Duet/Trio
  • Katherine, Payton, Ryan "Islands" - 1st, Titanium
  • "I Am Light" - 4th, Titanium
  • "Love"
  • "Wikked Lil Girls" - 1st, Titanium
  • "Bossa Nova Baby" - 2nd, Titanium, 3rd Overall High Score Titanium Group/Line/Production
  • "No Sign of Life" - 1st, Titanium
  • "The Rose Garden"
  • "Dollhouse" - 4th, Titanium, 2nd Overall High Score Platinum Group/Line/Production
  • "Everybody Goes"
  • "Remain Nameless" - 3rd, Titanium
  • "Watercolors" - 3rd Overall High Score Platinum Group/Line/Production
  • "Make Way"
  • "Get Here" - 3rd
  • "Everybody Leaves" - 4th, Titanium
  • "Forget Where We Were" - 1st, Titanium
  • "Forget the Past" - 3rd, Titanium

The Dance Awards, New York City, 2015 07/05 to 07/12

The Dance Awards, Las Vegas, 2015 06/26 to 07/03

Various 2015 Nationals

  • Payton and Brooke Kosinski at Hollywood Vibe Nationals. Sarah Hunt at NYCDA Nationals.[citation needed]

24 seven, 2015 03/13-15, Pittsburgh (at time of Dance Moms Down Under, Part 1 and Part 2)

Sheer Talent, 2015 03/07-08, Pittsburgh (midseason hiatus)

Sheer Talent
  • Pictures-1, Pictures-2
  • Solos
    • Mackenzie "Take That" - did not compete (Video)
    • Nia "Never Knew" - did not compete
    • Payton - Sheer Protege
    • Maddie "These Boots Were Made for Walking" - Titanium, Highest Scoring Solo of the Weekend, Titanium, 1st Pre-Teen Solo, Sheer Brilliance, Highest Score in studio, Highest Score Tap Solo
    • Maddie "All of God's Creatures" - Titanium, 2nd Pre-Teen Solo
    • Kendall "Rise and Fall" - Jewel for a Queen
    • Makayla Clark "I Can Cook Too" - Platinum, 2nd Small Wonder Solo
    • Nick Dobbs "Manhatten" - Titanium, 1st Senior Solo, Divine Inspiration, Highest Score Contemporary Solo
    • Keara Sweeney "Defeated" - 1st Teen Solo, Titanium, Sheer Excellence Award, Highest Score Lyrical Solo
    • Brooke K. "New York New York" - Titanium, 1st Junior Solo, Sheer Personality, Highest Score Jazz Solo
    • Haley V. "Anything Can Happen" - Titanium, 3rd Junior Solo, Highest Score Acro Solo
    • Kassidy Leon "Let It Be Me" - Titanium, 6th Teen Solo
    • Alison Taylor "Home" - Titanium, 4th Teen Solo, Sheer Legs
    • Ryan Nogy "Clown" - Titanium, 3rd Teen Solo, Sheer Genuis
    • Katherine "Blackbird" - Titanium, 4th Senior Solo, Marvelous Balance
    • Hope Roberts "Teach Me How to Be Loved" - Titanium, 5th Senior Solo
    • Hope Roberts "Sleeping Beauty First Fairy Variation" - Platinum, Highest Score Pointe Solo
    • Mariah Sullivan "Bigger Isn't Better" - Platinum, 5th Small Wonder Solo
    • Alex Biery - Spirit of Dance
    • Olivia Ice - Sheer Sophistication
  • Duets/Trios
    • Haley & Anastasia "Wonderful World" - Platinum, 3rd Junior Duet
    • Mackenzie & Brooke K. "Bombshell" - Titanium, 1st Junior Duet
    • Kendall and Maddie "Through the Glass" - 2nd Pre-Teen Duet
    • Katherine, Ryan, Payton "Islands" - Titanium, 1st Teen Trio
  • Group dances
    • "I Am Light" - Titanium, 1st Teen Group, Sheer Radiance
    • "Love" - Titanium, 1st Teen Group, Sheer Beauty
    • "Everybody Leaves" - Titanium, 2nd Teen Line
    • "Forget Where We Were" - Titanium, 1st Senior Group
    • "Forget the Past" - Titanium, 2nd Senior Group
    • "Never Gonna Change" - Titanium, 1st Senior Line, Sheer Excellence
    • "Dollhouse" - Titanium, 5th Pre-Teen Group (Video)
    • "Remain Nameless" - Titanium, 3rd Teen Line, Fierce & Fabulous (Video)
    • "Bolero de Bale" - Platinum, 2nd Junior Group
    • "Watercolors" - Platinum, 1st Junior Group, Sheer Tricks
    • "Get Here" - Titanium, 2nd Junior Line
    • "Wikked Lil Girls" - Titanium, 1st Junior Line, Sheer Choreography
    • "Bossa Nova Baby" - Titanium, Highest Scoring Group of the Weekend, 1st Pre-Teen Group, Sheer Choreography, Clarity of Tap
    • "No Sign of Life" - Titanium, 2nd Pre-Teen Group
    • "The Garden" - Titanium, 4th Pre-Teen Group
    • "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - Platinum, 2nd Pre-Teen Line
    • "Make Way" - Platinum, 5th Pre-Teen Line
    • "I’m An Indian Too" - Platinum, 1st Small Wonder Group
    • "Bounce" - Platinum, 1st Small Wonder Line
    • "Nicer in Nice" - Platinum, 2nd Small Wonder Line
    • "Beautiful World" - Platinum, 3rd Small Wonder Line
  • BDC Semester Acceptance Scholarship – Hope Roberts, Payton Ackerman, Katherine Narasimhan, Ian Schmoke
  • 5-Class BDC Scholarship – Ian Schmoke
  • Perry School Class Scholarship - Nia Frazier
  • Half Ballet Seminar Scholarship – Katherine Narasimhan, Sarah Hunt
  • Full Ballet Seminar Scholarship – Hope Roberts, Payton Ackerman, Keara Sweeney, Ian Schmoke
  • Sheer Scholarships – Mary Eagle, Makayla Clark, Rylee Pratt, Haley Vrolijk, Raygan Lewandowski, Jessa Kinter, Kassidy Leon, Olivia Ice, Kylie Edwards
  • Combos: with Mackenzie, with Maddie, with Maddie and Payton

Nuvo, 2015 02/20-22, Minneapolis (Midseason filming break)

  • Official results (archive)
  • JoJo and Kalani went to this competition without any other members of the ALDC
  • Kalani solo: "Video Games" - 1st in Teen
  • JoJo solo: "Merry-Go-Round" - 5th in Junior
  • Kalani: Winner, Teen Female Breakout Artist
  • JoJo: Winner, Junior Female Breakout Artist

JUMP, 2015 02/13-15, Pittsburgh (at time of Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1 and Part 2)



  • Sarah H. "Another World" (Lyrical) - High Gold
  • Haley V. "Anything Can Happen" (Specialty) - High Gold, 3rd in Mini Division (Tie)
  • Mackenzie "Take That" (Specialty) - High Gold, 3rd in Mini Division (Tie)
  • Maddie "All of God's Creatures (Contemporary) - You rocked JUMP!, 1st in Junior Division (Tie)
  • Kendall "Rise and Fall" (Jazz) - High Gold, 2nd in Junior Division (Tie)
  • Selah C. "Them There Eyes" (Tap) - High Gold
  • Nia "Never Knew" (Specialty) - High Gold
  • Nick Dobbs "Manhatten" (Contemporary) - High Gold
  • Olivia Ice "How Will I Know" (Tap) - Gold
  • Payton "Waiting Game" (Jazz) - High Gold


  • Brooke K. and Mackenzie "Bombshell" (Musical Theatre) - High Gold, 2nd in Mini Duets/Trio Division
  • "Wonderful World" (Specialty) - High Gold - 1st in Mini Duo/Trio Division
  • Mackenzie and Nia "The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane" (Contemporary) - High Gold
  • Kendall and Maddie "Through The Glass" (Contemporary) - You rocked JUMP!, 1st in Junior Duo/Trio Division
  • Katherine, Kendall, Payton "Islands" (Lyrical) - High Gold
  • Kalani and Maddie "Walk Through the Storm" (Lyrical) - High Gold, 2nd in Teen Duo/Trio Division

Group dances

  • "Watercolors" feat. Mackenzie, Sarah H. (Specialty) - High Gold, 3rd in Mini Group Division, 1st in Overall Specialty, 1st Mini Specialty
  • "Get Here" feat. Mackenzie, Sarah H. (Lyrical) - High Gold
  • "Bossa Nova Baby" feat. Mackenzie, Maddie (Tap) - High Gold, 2nd in Mini Group Division, Best of Jump
  • "The Garden" (Contemporary) - You rocked JUMP!, 2nd Junior Group Division (Tie), 1st in Overall Contemporary, 1st Junior Contemporary, Best of Jump Award, Best in Studio Award, Re-performing in Closing Ceremony
  • "Dancing in the Rain" (Lyrical) - High Gold, 3rd Junior Group Division (Tie)
  • "Make Way" feat. Mackenzie, Sarah H. (Hip-Hop) - Gold
  • "Dollhouse" feat. Kendall, Mackenzie, Maddie, Nia, Sarah H. (Jazz) - High Gold, 3rd in Junior Group Division (Tie)
  • "Wikked Lil Girls" feat. Mackenzie, Maddie, Kendall, Nia, Sarah H. (Jazz) - High Gold, 3rd in Junior Line Division
  • "I Am Light" feat. Katherine, Maddie, Sarah H. (Lyrical) - High Gold, 1st in Teen Lyrical Division
  • "Love" feat. Payton (Contemporary) - High Gold, Teen Group Division
  • "Nameless" feat. Katherine, Kendall, Maddie, Nia, Payton (Jazz) - High Gold, 2nd in Teen Line Division
  • "Everybody Goes" feat. Kendall, Maddie, Nia, Nick, Sarah H., Mackenzie, Katherine, Payton (Contemporary) - High Gold, 2nd in Teen Extended Line Division
  • "Never Gonna Change" feat. Katherine, Nick, Payton (Contemporary) - High Gold
  • "Forget the Past" feat. Katherine, Payton (Lyrical) - High Gold
  • "I Forget Where We Were" feat. Katherine, Nick, Payton (Contemporary) - High Gold

Jump VIP's

  • Mackenzie (mini), Maddie (junior), Kalani (teen), Nick (senior)

Jump VIP runner-ups

  • Payton, Kendall, Ian Schmoke, Hope Roberts, Keara Sweeney, Dyson Ramey, Brooke Kosinski, Haley Vrolijk

Class Scholarships

  • Jazz, Contemporary, & Lyrical: Alex Biery, Selah Curran, Jessa Kinter, Kassidy Leon, Anastasia Rose, Alison Taylor
  • Ballet: Kylie Edwards, Madison Porter
  • Hip Hop: Sarah Hunt
higher quality videos
lower quality videos

NYCDA, 2015 02/06-08, Pittsburgh (at time of Video Killed the ALDC Star)


Hollywood Vibe, 2015 01/09-11, Pittsburgh (same time as Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure)

Hollywood Vibe

Sheer Talent, 2014 07/07-12, Las Vegas (end of season hiatus)

Sheer Talent

Sheer Talent, 2014 03/15, Pittsburgh (midseason hiatus)

Sheer Talent

WCDE, 2014 03/08, Pittsburgh (midseason hiatus)


Encore DCS, 2014

24 seven, 2014 02/21-23, Los Angeles

  • Official Results and their Archive
    • Video of "Maddie Ziegler, Talia Seitel, Keely Meyers, Lexine Cantoria, Lexee Smith, and Lucy Valley [Vallely] at 24/7"
    • Other well-known dancers at this competition
  • Maddie was named a Junior Female Non-Stop Dancer (her last name is misspelled "Zigler" in the results.)

JUMP, 2014 02/14, Pittsburgh (weekend of Presenting My New Team)


NYCDA, 2014 02/07, Pittsburgh (week of Lights! Camera! Dance!)


Hollywood Vibe, 2014 01/10, Pittsburgh (weekend of Blame It on the New Girl)

Hollywood Vibe

Nuvo, 2013 11/22 Pittsburgh (at time of Big Trouble in the Big Apple)


DEA, 2013


WCDE, 2013 Nationals


Sheer Talent, 2013 07/15-21 Las Vegas Nationals (at time of Divas Las Vegas)

Sheer Talent

Onstage New York, 2013 04/27 (prior to Tap Versus Hip Hop)

Onstage NY
  • Results
  • Photos
  • Mini
    • Maddie 2nd ("Leaving Berlin")
    • Kendall 5th ("Look at Me")
    • "Bad Girls" mini critics' choice award, 1st in overall mini group (unopposed?)
    • "We Believe" 1st in mini duet/trio
  • Junior
    • Keara 2nd (“Some Things Are Meant To Be”)
    • Chloe 5th ("What About Mother")
    • Nia 6th ("20's Scat")
    • "The Dream" 2nd junior group
  • Teen
    • Nick 7th ("Center Aisle")
    • Katherine 8th ("Porcelain")
    • Payton 10th ("China Doll")
  • Senior
    • Kevin Cosculluela 2nd (“Warrior”)
    • Elizabeth Rohm 4th (“Maybe”)
    • Elissa Berardi 7th (“I Don’t Want Your Trouble”)
    • Nina 8th ("Fever")
    • "Break the Law" and "Shades of Grey" 2nd and 3rd overall senior group/line
  • Elite Dance by Damian in attendance

JUMP, 2013 03/22 Orlando (at time of An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away)

  • Maddie: 1st in mini with "Leaving Berlin"; mini female vip
  • Mackenzie: tied for third in mini (4 dancers ahead), "Boys Like You"
  • Nia: "20's Scat," Junior Female VIP runner-up
  • Tea' Adamson: Mini Female VIP runner-up (for Robin Dawn Academy)
  • Stars dance studio attended, including Jessi Kennedy (Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical scholarship)
  • Fallon Chapman: Mini Female VIP runner-up (for N/A)

WCDE, 2013 03/09-10 Pittsburgh (at time of Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy)


DEA, 2013 ??/??


Sheer Talent, 2013 03/02 Pittsburgh (after Candy Apple Showdown)

Sheer Talent

NYCDA, 2013 03/02, Pittsburgh (after Candy Apple Showdown)

  • Kevin Cosculluela solo "Warrior," 1st in senior
  • Nina Linhart solo "Fever," 4th place in senior
  • Liz Rohm solo "Maybe," 10th place in senior
  • Senior duo/trio: 1st Place – “With Every Heartbeat”
  • Senior group: 1st place, “Shades of Grey”
  • Nick Dobbs: 2nd place, teen solo "Center Aisle"
  • Kamryn Beck, 1st place, junior solo "The Mad Hatter" (for Krystie's)
  • Chloe solo, 2nd place junior, "What About Mother"
  • "Angels and Demons," 2nd, Junior group; Ally in town
  • "My Dream Will Be Your Dream," 4th place junior group
  • Maddie solo, "Leaving Berlin," 1st in mini
  • Justice solo, "You Raise Me Up," 2nd in mini (for Krystie's)
  • Kendall solo, "Look At Me Now," 4th in mini
  • Maddie/Chloe duet, "Inside of Me," 1st in mini

JUMP, 2013 02/01, Pittsburgh (at time of Watch Your Back, Mack)


2012 and Earlier

Related Competitions/2

More competitions from 2012 and earlier continued on the next page...


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