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"Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 1" is a special episode of Dance Moms that first aired on September 18, 2012. In the episode, Abby and the moms reunite to discuss the season.


Jeff Colins the show's Executive Producer interviews Abby and the dance moms.

The cast discusses Abby's teaching methods. Kelly discusses pushing Brooke when younger. Abby and the moms discuss the virtues and flaws of the pyramid. The moms discuss being like a family, while Abby dismisses such ideas. Kelly worries that Maddie is too much of a competitive perfectionist for her own long-term good. Kelly says she is uncertain about returning for season 3, and discusses her long complex relationship with Abby, back to when Kelly was two years old and dancing under Abby's mother. Christi discusses her family's closeness with Paige and the other dance moms families. Holly discusses stereotypes associated with Nia's first Laquifa number. New footage is shown of a confrontation between the ALDC and CADC teams following Nationals 90210 nationals, including Cathy throwing water on Christi.


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