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Samantha "Sam" Drew Dennis (born June 4th 2000) is following her mum's footsteps as Sam isn’t afraid to speak her mind in the dog-eat-dog world of dance. Dancing is her life and she is determined to prove she can be the very best.[3]

Other Information[]

  • Sam was born on Sunday 4th June 2000 at 11:10am, she shares a birthday with Mackenzie Ziegler from Dance Moms.
  • Sam trains at Rare Studio Liverpool for Dance and Airborne Academy for tumbling.
  • Sam says that although she loves food a lot, her favourite food would probably be steak and chips.
  • Her favourite breakfast is golden syrup Quaker Oats.
  • Sam has seen the show Wicked in the West End and in Liverpool.
  • She has a iPhone 6 in Gold.
  • Her favourite dance style is commercial.
  • Beyonce is her favourite pop star as well as her idol.
  • Sam's proudest moment was when she won the North West World Championships in 2011 because it was the first ever championships she had attended.
  • If she could perform a duet with any of the Dance Moms girls, she would choose Chloe as she's her favourite.
  • Sam like Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
  • Her favourite shops are PINK and Victoria Secret.
  • When dancing and training in Ballet, she is en pointe.
  • She is the UK ambassador for Grishko, Details Dancewear USA and Simply Stella.


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Filmography and Discography[]

As Herself[]

Year Series Role Notes
2014-2015 Dance Mums Main Cast Sam and her mother had been featured on the team since it was first created. During her time on the team she was often put in the shadows of Eleiyah and Tayluer, making her the underdog. Prior to the season two finale Charlotte announced her and Sam's departure from the show on twitter. Since the airing of the finale, the duo have expressed no interest in returning to the show.

Music videos[]

Year Song Song Artist Notes
2015 Life's Too Short Scouting For Girls Minor role, video can be watched here.


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Video Gallery[]

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