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Season 1[]

Episode  1   2   3   4 
[n1 1][1]
[n1 2]
 6   7   8 
Sam Bottom Bottom Top Top No Pyramid Bottom Middle Middle
  1. The pyramid was presented upside down with the top spot going to three girls, Tayluer, Eleiyah and Sam, the middle spots going to Chloe Jnr and Molly and the bottom going to Aleah. Chloe Snr was not given a spot on the pyramid.
  2. There was no pyramid. Jennifer threw the photos on the ground and said "...not one of you deserves to be higher than anybody else..."

Season 2[]

Episode  1   2   3 
[n2 1][2]
 4   5   6 
[n2 2]
 7   8 
Old Pyramid
[n2 3]
New Pyramid
[n2 4]
Sam Top Bottom N/A Bottom Middle Bottom Middle Middle Middle
  1. Both Sam and Harry were not included on the pyramid for different reasons. Sam was kicked out of the group because of the fight between her mum and Jen. Harry was not with the team this week because he is not a strong commercial dancer.
  2. All of the girls besides Tayluer (as she won the music video) were placed on the bottom as Jen felt like they all deserved to be equal.
  3. Placements based on photo shoot
  4. Placements based on dance