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Season 5
Dance Moms Season 5 nice version
General Information
Country of origin: United States
Broadcast Information
Original channel: Lifetime
Premiere: January 6, 2015
Finale: August 18, 2015
Season Chronology
Previous: Season 4
Next: Season 6

The fifth season of Dance Moms premiered January 6, 2015 on Lifetime and concluded on August 18, 2015.

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Guest Dancers

Other Studios Dancers

Murrieta Dance Project

JC's Broadway Dance Academy

Candy Apple's Dance Center

Season overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
5 32 January 6, 2015 August 18, 2015

Season 5: 2015

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
118 -- Girl Talk 2 January 6, 2015 500 Girl Talk 2
Season 5 begins Hosted by singer and actress Coco Jones, in this second installment of "Girl Talk," the "Dance Moms" girls will answer their fans' questions, covering topics like boyfriends, rivalries...and Abby. We'll see clips of the girls' favorite dances over the years and even learn how to perform some of their signature moves.
119 1 99 Problems but a Mom Ain't One January 6, 2015 501 Freak Show
Season 5 begins with a key member disappearing and cutting off all ties to the kids and moms. Abby then calls in an old friend to join the team. Later, an ex-student threatens legal action that could jeopardize the dance company's big season plans.[3]
120 2 Abby Got Served January 13, 2015 502 Stomp The Yard
The Maddie vs. Kalani showdown arrives. Meanwhile, Abby's rival, Jeanette, is out for revenge, as lawsuits continue to mount for Abby. The moms remain loyal, but Abby manages to turn her own team against her.[4]
121 3 JoJo with a Bow Bow January 20, 2015 503 Something To Believe In
With Maddie heading to Los Angeles early for a new exciting opportunity with Sia, the ALDC team is down another member and the moms question Abby’s dedication to this week’s routines since her favorite dancer is gone. Abby needs a sub for Maddie, so she calls in new dancer JoJo, whose star quality threatens both the moms and the girls.[5][6]
122 4 Bye Bye Pittsburgh January 27, 2015 Frozentogether
LA is only one week away and JoJo and Jess return to fight for a spot on the ALDC and are determined not to lose again. As the team prepares for their big Hollywood adventure, Holly and Jill grow concerned that Abby's focus will only be on her favorites and Nia and Kendall will be forgotten. After hearing about Maddie's next big Los Angeles opportunity, Holly and Jill vow to take matters into their own hands.
123 5 Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby February 3, 2015 I'dratherbe
The ALDC arrives in Los Angeles and they are in for their toughest competition yet, when a top West Coast dance studio declares war. Abby sets up an audition with a casting agent for the girls but the pressure of LA is too great and Abby suffers her biggest breakdown yet, forcing the moms to question her abilities as a manager.
124 6 Nia Risks It All February 10, 2015 Collateraldamage
After a chaotic first week in Los Angeles, things do not settle down when Abby and Holly have their biggest and most shocking fight ever, causing Holly to go behind Abby’s back to work with a huge star despite the consequences. Maddie prepares for another big Hollywood job, and all the girls soon are on edge when Abby announces an open call audition in Los Angeles. Holly and Nia grow especially fearful of their futures with the ALDC.
125 7 Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1 February 17, 2015 Turn Up the Track - Dance Moms and MattyB nice pic
The mothers' patience with Abby grows thin during the ALDC's last week in Los Angeles; Abby brings in two swing dancers that threaten the other girls' chances at an audition; Abby's job as a manager is put to the test.
126 8 Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2 February 24, 2015 Moulin rouge dance clip f
While in Los Angeles, the girls juggle a competition and a music video shoot; Abby attempts to shut down the music video shoot; the mothers fight to keep their daughters on the team when Abby announces that she will be cutting one dancer.
127 9 The Great Divide March 3, 2015 509 The Domino Effect 1
The ALDC returns to Pittsburgh; the mothers are divided based on who stayed to film the music video and those who left; the group dance becomes a personal attack against the mothers; Abby discovers the team is in the teen division.
128 10 The New Maddie? March 10, 2015 509 Dance in the Rain 2
The ALDC girls move forward after a rocky journey to Los Angeles; Cathy returns with a surprise choreographer; Abby invites Ashlee and her daughter Brynn to come dance at the ALDC and quickly praises Brynn as "the next Maddie."[7]
129 11 Nia's Last Chance March 17, 2015 Decadent Darlings 01
The ALDC heads to Philadelphia with a risky non-lyrical routine; Abby gives Nia an ultimatum; frustrated with the lack of support from Melissa and Jill, Holly makes friends with two unlikely allies.[8]
130 12 Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure March 24, 2015 512 Get a Clue 04
The media goes crazy for Maddie's second music video with Sia; Cathy assembles a team of dancers who have all worked with Abby and are ready to seek vengeance on the dance floor.
131 13 Mackenzie's Time to Shine March 31, 2015 513 Tell Me What You Want 2
While Maddie is away, Mackenzie has the opportunity to prove herself; Abby decides to push the envelope with a sassy routine in a competition against Cathy's premium Candy Apple's team.
132 14 Hollywood, Round Two April 7, 2015 Together we stand
The ALDC returns to Los Angeles to compete; Abby decides to manage Kendall's new singing career; Nia and Kendall work to become pop stars while going head-to-head with solos; the girls give their all in the group dance.
133 15 Maddie vs. Kalani April 14, 2015 515 The Rose Garden 2
Determined to have a victory, the girls face Murrieta Dance Project; Abby gives solos to her strongest dancers; Nia is left out of a show-biz opportunity.
134 16 Video Killed the ALDC Star April 21, 2015 516 Diamonds 2 crop
JoJo and Kendall have challenging solos for the last competition in Los Angeles; Nia and Kendall have music video shoots; Holly and Jill get competitive.
135 17 Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1 April 28, 2015 Abby talking to ALDC about ALDC LA - Showdown in Pittsburgh
The team returns to Pittsburgh to tie up loose ends before they move to Los Angeles; Abby schedules the team to attend a competition and a convention; Holly organizes a premiere party for Nia's music video.
136 18 Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2 May 5, 2015 No Sign of Life - Starbound
The ALDC embarks on their final competition before their move to Los Angeles; chaos ensues when only two girls show up at the competition; Cathy and Jeanette try to take down the ALDC; the team risks being disqualified.
137 19 Seeing Stars May 12, 2015 Stomp the Yard via ALDCprobz
Abby and the mothers meet to discuss the highs and lows of the season; Holly and Abby go head to head; Cathy and Jeanette stir things up; Maddie discusses her newfound fame; the team reflects on their experiences.
138 20 Dance Moms Down Under, Part 1 May 19, 2015 Abby and the girls astra
The ALDC heads to Australia to perform at the ASTRA Awards; Abby loses her passport and leaves the team stranded in Sydney without her; Jess confronts the other mothers; Maddie misses a crucial rehearsal when she goes to an interview in Abby's place.
139 21 Dance Moms Down Under, Part 2 May 26, 2015 JoJo Nia Kendall Maddie Mackenzie with kangaroo 2015 crop-levels
The team is divided into two factions when Abby excludes Nia and JoJo from the rest of the planned events in Australia; Kendall, Kalani, Maddie and Mackenzie must learn a new routine to perform at a private fan event.
140 22 Live From LA, It's Kendall K June 9, 2015 Traitor 01 crop to jpg
ALDC LA is now a reality as the team finally makes its permanent move to Los Angeles. Kendall's video is set to premiere, but the pressure of her debut as a pop star coupled with a solo, pushes her to the limit. Meanwhile, Abby makes a dramatic decision that the moms fear will jeopardize ALDC LA's first competition.
141 23 Maddie vs. Mackenzie June 16, 2015 523 Beautiful Bizarre - Dance Moms
Maddie and Mackenzie compete with solos against each other in the same age category; Abby brings in a guest choreographer to teach the girls a routine inspired by voguing.
142 23 West Coast Strikes Back June 23, 2015 Voices in My Head
The ALDC's biggest west coast rival returns to compete; Abby tests Mackenzie's confidence with a big opportunity; Jess is desperate for JoJo to have a featured role when her grandmother visits.
143 25 Abby vs. Kira June 30, 2015 525 dance bop 1
The mothers push Abby to have more dance classes after losing two competitions in a row; Kira takes matters into her own hands and brings in outside help; Abby pressures Maddie to regain her standing as the ALDC's top dancer.
144 26 Where in the World Is Abby Lee Miller? July 7, 2015 Dms5e26soloweek
Last week's argument between Abby, Kira and Kalani leaves all three nowhere to be found; Kendall's single drops; Nia meets with music producers; Jill is jealous when Holly enlists the help of a special guest.
145 27 Abby vs. Kira...AGAIN! July 14, 2015 527 The Panic Room 3
With only four weeks until Nationals, the ALDC is desperate for a group routine win; the Candy Apples return with a surprise guest; the ALDC travels to Arizona; Kira is still dissatisfied with Abby's treatment of Kalani.
146 28 Solo Battle: Round 1 July 21, 2015 528 Dont Fence Me In 01 crop
Jeanette takes over with an epic routine; Abby tests the girls with a challenging prop; Kendall and JoJo go head-to-head in a showdown.
147 - Throwback Tuesday: Maddie & Melissa July 21, 2015 Dm se tbt maddie and melissa
In this special episode, we will look back at Maddie and Melissa's Dance Moms journey from Maddie's earliest days as Abby's star pupil to her life now as the most famous 12-year-old dancer in the world. We'll get the behind-the-scenes scoop on their mother/daughter relationship, all of the drama with Abby and their thoughts on the other moms' jealousy.
148 29 Baby Dance Mama Drama July 28, 2015 529 Always a Bridesmaid 1 - croptojpg
Abby announces that the grand opening party will coincide with Nationals; Kendall is rewarded with a solo; the girls have a bridesmaid-themed group dance.
149 - Throwback Tuesday: Nia & Holly July 28, 2015 Dm se tbt nia and holly
Nia and Holly are the stars of their very own one-hour special, giving the inside scoop on all five seasons of their life with the Abby Lee Dance Company. From Holly’s heated arguments with Abby to Nia learning the death drop, we will watch Nia’s inspiring journey from underdog to pop star.
150 30 Nia vs. Kalani: Winner Takes All August 4, 2015 530 Made for the Shade 5
The ALDC faces the talented MDP; Abby gives Kalani and Nia head-to-head solos to determine who will get the senior division solo next week; Nia shoots her second music video.
151 - Throwback Tuesday: Kendall & Jill August 4, 2015 Jill and Kendall special - 2015-08-04
Kendall and Jill take Dance Moms fans back to their first season with the Abby Lee Dance Company. Together, they reveal their true feelings about their fights with Abby, their relationships with their teammates, and the performances that defined Kendall as a dancer and launched her career as a pop star. Kendall and Jill share never before heard stories about the challenges they faced and how they kept moving forward.
152 31 Chaos at Nationals August 11, 2015 531 The Waiting Room 1
The season comes to a close with Nationals and the girls feel the pressure to remain undefeated; Abby opens her new studio the day before a competition, leaving the girls with little time to prepare; tension spirals out of control.
153 - Throwback Tuesday: Mackenzie & Melissa August 11, 2015 Dm se tbt mackenzie and melissa
Mackenzie and Melissa discuss their experience from Mackenzie's earliest days as the baby of the ALDC. We'll watch her grow up and branch out to become a pop star and hear what it was like to finally beat her sister in a stunning showdown. Along the way, Mackenzie and Melissa will give us the inside scoop on the triumphs and challenges in their Dance Moms journey
154 32 City of Angels August 18, 2015 532 Reunion filming 2June2015
Abby and the mothers discuss what went wrong at Nationals and some of the most shocking moments in Los Angeles; the mothers are divided on hot button issues; Abby drops a bombshell.
155 - Slumber Party! August 18, 2015 Slumber Party segment ss
30 minute special. Details TBA.
156 - Throwback Tuesday: Kalani & Kira / JoJo & Jessalynn August 18, 2015 Kalani Kira 1
The ALDC's newest team members give Dance Moms fans a personal look at their most defining moments. Kalani and Kira reveal never before heard stories about their ups and downs with Abby and the tough decision to stay or go. JoJo and Jessalynn share details about their determination to become official ALDC team members along with their struggle of staying true to themselves.


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Other Information

  • This season was the first to not include a title sequence, instead using a slate with Dance Moms on it.
  • This will be the first season to not feature the Hylands; the same applies to the Lukasiaks.
  • Kalani Hilliker returns to the main cast this season after leaving before Season 4.5
  • This is the 3rd consecutive season to feature a new Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition competitor with the junior elite competition team.
  • This season had an average viewing rate of 1.45 million. This was a 0.43 million decrease from Season 4.
  • This marked the first season to not feature a recital episode.


  1. listed in credits for additional choreography for certain episodes, e.g., episodes 4 and 5. Not listed in episode 2, where her most significant choreography work seems to have been performed, prior to episodes 7 and 8; thus indicating that choreography credits may not logically correspond to episodes
  2. listed in credits for additional choreography for certain episodes, e.g., episodes 4 and 5; these do not necessarily correctly correspond to which episodes that choreography work was done
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