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The ninth season of Dance Moms premiered on Lifetime on May 1, 2024.


Choreographers and Instructors[]



Season Overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
9 11 May 1, 2024 N/A

Season 9: 2024[]

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
242 1 The Reunion May 1, 2024 S9e1pic
Includes new interviews with fan favorite dancers as they look back at the most memorable moments of the series and discuss the good, the bad and everything in-between including the lasting impact on their entertainment careers. Joined by moms Jessalynn Siwa, Kelly Hyland, Jill Vertes, Kira Hilliker and special appearance by Christi Lukasiak, the original Dance Moms cast discusses some of the most controversial headlines since the show aired, catches fans up on what they are doing now and provides some shocking revelations as the Dance Moms drama comes full circle.
243 2 Epic Showdowns: Call 911 May 1, 2024 S9e2pic
Relive the Dance Moms Showdowns that were so epic and downright disruptive that police had to step in. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she breaks down showdowns between Abby and Minister Dawn, Stacey and Yolanda, and more!
244 3 Epic Showdowns: Mommy Mayhem May 1, 2024 S9e3pic
Dance Moms will do anything to protect their daughters. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives the fiercest Dance Moms battles waged in their children's names. See showdowns between Christi and Yolanda, Holly and Jill, Kelly and Christi and more!
245 4 Epic Showdowns: If Look's Could Kill May 1, 2024 S9e4pic
In the world of competitive dance your wardrobe can make or break your performance. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives the most intense wardrobe catastrophes. Watch as Abby raises the stakes when the girls wear a hat during a routine, or the time Jill donned her cowboy hat to battle Abby over Kendall's costume. And the most epic saga of them all--the infamous Bumblebee costume.
246 5 Epic Showdowns: Pyramid Pandemonium May 1, 2024 S9e5pic
At the Abby Lee Dance Company the infamous pyramid decides your fate on the team and every dance mom will fight for their child to be at the top. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives the most chaotic pyramid fights between Jessalynn and Abby, Jill and Abby, the infamous pyramid walkout, and more!
247 6 Epic Showdowns: That's Messed Up! May 8, 2024 S9e6pic
OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak hosts a rundown of some of the most cringeworthy clashes in Dance Moms history, including a rare showdown between Abby and Melissa, and Christi's own fights with Abby that forced her to leave the ALDC once and for all.
248 7 Epic Showdowns: Flyin' Solo May 8, 2024 S9e7pic
Getting a solo at the ALDC is cutthroat because it's every dancer's chance to shine. But behind the scenes it's the moms who will throw down to get the spotlight for their kid. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she relives some of the biggest solo showdowns like the time Melissa finally stood up for Mackenzie and her potato chip solo, when Abby gave last minute solos to JoJo and Nia after the rest of the team didn't show, or when Jessalynn snagged a solo for JoJo out from under Kendall.
249 8 Epic Showdowns: Reunion Madness May 8, 2024 S9e8pic
Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she recounts the most unforgettable moments from Dance Moms reunion specials, including her own showdown with both Abby and Melissa, Holly and Jill settling an old score, and a walkout by Abby which threatens the fate of the show.
250 9 Epic Showdowns: Abby Flips Out May 8, 2024 S9e9pic
Abby was the ultimate control freak, and when she felt it slipping away, nothing or no one was safe from being cut. OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak hosts a trip down memory lane, revisiting some of Abby's most volatile moments, like her blowup at Holly and a confrontation with rival Studio 19.
251 10 Epic Showdowns: Cathy Chaos May 15, 2024 S9e10pic
No rivalry is quite like the one between the ALDC and the Candy Apples. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she breaks down the epic rivalry between Abby and her arch nemesis Cathy. From the time Cathy tried to cheat her way through competition, to her surprise appearance at the ALDC annual recital, to their epic showdown at Nationals.
252 11 Epic Showdowns: Mother Knows Best May 15, 2024 S9e11pic
Put a bunch of alpha dance moms under one roof...and the end result is chaos. Join OG Dance Mom Christi Lukasiak as she looks back on classic mom showdowns, including some of her own clashes with Leslie and Kristie Ray, and a knockdown drag out battle between the junior team moms.

Other Information[]


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