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g   Shelly Serigne
S03e01 21-54.jpg
Gender: Female
Home: Louisiana
Friends and Family
Children: Ally Serigne (daughter)
Josie Serigne (daughter)
Friends: Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni
Jill Vertes
Kelly Hyland
Christi Lukasiak
Holly Hatcher-Frazier
Marcia Hoffheins
Jackie Lucia
Gloria Hampton
Ashlee Allen
Episode Run
Debut: The Beginning of the End
Last: The Big, Not So, Easy

 Shelly Serigne is the mother of Ally, who was a dancer at the ALDC.

On Dance Moms

She first appeared in The Beginning of the End. The other mothers thought she pretended to be a mom who did not get involved in drama, but was in reality a major dance mom. She later appeared in Out With the Old, In With the New, with the replacement team. She lastly appeared in But I'm a National Champion!, by voice only, saying that due to Gloria and Marcia accusing Ally of ruining the group dance, she and Ally went home to New Orleans. She also had a minor cameo in The Big, Not So, Easy, as even though unmentioned, Ally was in the group dance. Shelly may be seen as a major cameo in Season 6 in New Season, New Rules because Ally had to be in a group dance called "Girls Have Fun" which was not shown in Season 6 but Shelly may be seen in the audience watching awards. Shelly was sitting in the back row in this episode.



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