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g   Sophia Lucia
Nickname(s): Sophie
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: September 7, 2002
Age: 19
Home: San Diego, California
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2021
Affiliations: Master Ballet Academy (former)
RT Dance Academy[1]
Champion Rhythmics[2]
Bloc Talent Agency
San Diego Dance Centre (former)
Abby Lee Dance Company (former guest)
Height: 5' 5"
Friends and Family
Parents: Jackie Lucia (mother)
Siblings: Vinny Lucia (older brother)
Friends: Brynn Rumfallo
Mackenzie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler
Kalani Hilliker
Asia Monet Ray
Pets: Lily (dog)
Episode Run
Debut: Out With the Old, In With the New
Last: Tell All, Part 2
Quick Links
Feat. video: Duet "Le Corsaire" (2016)
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Sophia Maria Lucia (born September 7, 2002) is a dancer from San Diego, California. She is the daughter of Jackie Lucia.

Sophia made her first appearance on Dance Moms during the third season. She was invited to the Abby Lee Dance Company to be part of the "replacement" team, which was formed after the elite team protested against Abby.

After the disbandment of the replacement team, Sophia featured on the elite team for a few episodes before finally departing the show in Rotten to the Core.

Other Information

  • Her zodiac sign is a Virgo.
  • On March 30, 2013, Sophia broke the world record for most consecutive pirouettes with a total of fifty-five.[3]
  • Her favorite solo that she performed on the show was "Suprstr".
  • Sophia was introduced to dance by her cousin Kristen Hibbs[4], who is now the owner of San Diego Dance Centre.[5]
  • She began dancing at age two, and entered her first dance competition at age three.[4]
  • When she was younger, she said that she wanted to be on the hit show, So You Think You Can Dance?. In 2016, she fulfilled this dream by auditioning for the 13th season of the show. Her audition can be watched here.
  • During an interview, Sophia stated that she and her mother left Dance Moms because her grandfather had a heart attack and they wanted to be there for him, and that her mother didn't want any controversy for her.[6]
  • Sophia's older cousin, Nicole "Niki" Lucia[7], owns Danceology in San Diego.[8] This is also her old dance studio.
  • Sophia was once briefly a member of the girl group 5LP (5 Little Princesses) along with AUDC contestant Jordyn Jones, however, it seems she left early in the group's career.
  • In late 2015, she participated in a YouTube series named "Teen Dance Challenge" alongside Talia Seitel, Lucy Vallely, Chloe East and Sean Lew.[9] In December, she was announced as the winner.[10]

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