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This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show. This page has been locked due to spamming of false information in regards to Season 8. If you have any legitimate information, please leave it in the comments of this page.

No More Mamma Drama

Competition Attended

Fierce in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Lancaster Mennonite School Fine Arts Center) on April 6, 2019[1]

  • Group Dance: "Body and Soul" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Small Group, 2nd Overall
  • Brady Solo: "Rocket Man" (Contemporary) - 4th in Teen Solo, 7th Overall
  • GiaNina Solo: "Big Shot" (Jazz) - 2nd in Teen Solo, 5th Overall
  • Lilliana Solo: "Shine Bright" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Solo, 2nd Overall
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  • Sarah and her mom arrived at the competition early on their own.[2] It seemingly has something to do with Studio 19, Sarah's home studio, as a fight broke out between the ALDC and Studio 19 moms.[3]

Mid-Season Hiatus

  • There will be a two week break before filming for the second half of the season starts.[4]
  • April 11-20: Abby Lee & Co. UK tour
    • April 11: Cardiff, Wales
    • April 13: Newcastle, England
    • April 14: Leeds, England
    • April 15: Blackpool, England
    • April 17: Birmingham, England
    • April 18: Bristol, England
    • April 20: London, England

Hannah Unmasked

Competition Attended

Sheer Elite in Cleveland, Ohio (The Breen Center For The Performing Arts) on April 27, 2019[5]

  • Group Dance: "Stone Faced" (Contemporary) - 1st in Pre-Teen Group, 1st Overall
  • Elliana Solo: "Castaway" (Lyrical) - 2nd in Pre-Teen Solo
  • Hannah Solo: "Stigmata" (Contemporary) - Did Not Place
  • Sarah Solo: "The Scarlet Letter" (Acrobatic) - Did Not Place
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Competition Attended

Imagine NDC in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania (Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School) on May 4, 2019

  • Group Dance: "Angry Birds Tutu" (?) - Unknown
  • Brady and Lilliana Duet: "My Big Brother" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Duet/Trio, 1st Overall
  • GiaNina and Pressley Duet: "Munchausin by Proxy" - 3rd in Junior Duet/Trio
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Slumber Party Episode?

  • Filming took place on May 5
  • It is similar to Slumber Party!, however, it is unknown whether this will be an actual episode or just online exclusives.


Competition Attended

NYDE in Paramus, New Jersey (Paramus Catholic High School) on May 11, 2019

  • Group Dance: "The Chosen One" (?) - 1st in Junior Group
  • Berkleigh Solo: "Moonlight Sonata" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Solo
  • Hannah Solo: "Hannibal" (Contemporary) - 9th in Teen Solo
  • Pressley Solo: "All or Nothing" (Contemporary) - 4th in Pre-Teen Solo
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Competition Attended

DreamMaker in Woodbridge, Virginia (Forest Park High School) on May 18, 2019[6]

  • Group Dance: "The Fruge" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Group
  • GiaNina Solo: "Crossroads" (Lyrical) - 8th Overall
  • Lilliana Solo: "Black Widow" (Acrobatic) - 1st in Junior Solo
  • Sarah Solo: "Shame" (Contemporary) - 5th Overall
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Competition Attended

Ignite Dance Live in Robinson, Pennsylvania (Montour High School) on May 25, 2019[7]

  • Group Dance: "Rising From The Ashes" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Small Group, Choreography Award
  • Brady Solo: "The Fall" (Contemporary) - 2nd in Teen Solo, 3rd Overall
  • Paris Solo: "Rock Bottom" (Contemporary) - 2nd in Junior Solo, 5th Overall
  • Pressley Solo: "The Flower Child" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Solo, 2nd Overall
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Competition Attended

Fierce in Manhattan, New York (Manhattan Center) on June 1, 2019[8]

  • Group Dance: "The Prom"
  • Brady Solo: "I Won't Dance"
  • Lilliana Solo: "Inside Out"
  • Pressley Solo: "Annabelle"
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