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g   Talia Seitel
Talia 2016 Headshot
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: April 23, 2001
Age: 19
Home: Murrieta, California
Occupation: Dancer
12th in the 2018/19 school year
Affiliations: Murrieta Dance Project
VMHS Broncos
CLI Studios
Height: 5' 4"
Friends and Family
Parents: Jennifer Seitel (mother)
unnamed father
Siblings: Kayla (sister)
Friends: Alex Gonzalez
Payton Sullivan
Mackenzie Clemens
Keara Nichols
Elizabeth Rudisill
Caylie Almada
Kalani Hilliker
Addison Moffett
Sophia Lucia
Maddie Ziegler
Brynn Rumfallo
Episode Run
Debut: Guess Who's Coming to the Dance?
Last: Ashlee's Big Decision Part 2
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Feat. video: "Undertow" (2016)
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Talia Seitel (born April 23, 2001) is a dancer from Murrieta Dance Project in Murrieta, California. She is the daughter of Jennifer Seitel and older sister of Kayla Seitel.

Talia made her debut appearance in the Season 4 reunion episode Guess Who's Coming to the Dance?, where she performed her solo "Burning Up".

She didn't make another appearance until the following season, where she and her MDP teammates served as rivals to the ALDC.

Other Information

  • Talia won Mini Female Best Dancer at The Dancer Awards in 2012. This made her the first dancer from MDP to win a Best Dancer title.[1]
  • She started dancing at the age of two and later joined MDP when she was four or five.[2][3]
  • Talia has stated that she wasn't sure how Abby noticed her[4] but that she was still very grateful for the experience.


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