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g   Tami Adamson
Tami vidcap cropped
Nickname(s): What's-Her-Face (by Christi)
Gender: Female
Born: 27 August 1967 [1]
Age: 56
Height: 5' 7½" [2]
Home: Florida
Affiliations: Robin Dawn Academy of Performing Arts (FL)
Abby Lee Dance Company
Friends and Family
Spouse: Todd Adamson
Children: Tea' Adamson
Tucker Adamson (son)
Friends: Loree Cloud
Jeanette Cota
Tracey Reasons
Jodi Gray
Christy Hunt
Kim Nguyen
Feuds: Christy Hunt
Episode Run
Debut: Presenting My New Team

  Tami Pickering-Adamson[3] is the mother of Tea'. Tami performed ballet professionally,[4][5] her dance career ending after a knee injury.[6]

Tami is also known as a master in self defense,[7] a skill that was tested versus Christy H. early in her appearances on the show.

At one time, she was the founder and captain of the "Femme Fatales," an all-female paintball team. Known partly for their good looks, Tami and other team members were featured in places such as CNN, Maxim, and Ramp magazine. Tami and her husband own several businesses,[8] such as Extreme Rage Alternative Sporting Store.[9][10]

On Dance Moms[]

Season 4[]

  • Tami first appeared in the episode Presenting My New Team along with her daughter. Throughout the week, she does not get into a lot of drama.
  • She later appears in Double the Moms, Double the Trouble. She gets in a minor fight with the Elite Team Moms at the competition about the Select Ensemble being there to stay.



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  • Tami and Tea' travel for 2 to 2.5 hours to get her to dance classes, both ways, four days a week.[11]
  • Her sister-in-law shares the same first and middle names.[12]

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