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Taylor Nicole O'Lear is a dancer, formerly[12] for Candy Apple's Dance Center. Taylor's main appearances on the show were in the first and second seasons.

Other information[]

  • Taylor left Cathy's studio sometime in 2013, stating that they could not work out a schedule.
  • Taylor joined Bourn Academy of Dance in the 2014/2015 season.
  • A video clip of Taylor competing with her new studio is available online, from a Rainbow competition in March 2015.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3.5[]

In Dance Moms[]

Season One[]

  • Taylor first appeared back in season one when she went against Chloe at iHollywood, both dancing to the same piece of music.

Season Two[]

  • She performed with the Candy Apple's in various group numbers against the Abby Lee Dance Company. In Melissa Pleads the Fifth, Cathy decides to give her a featured role in the group dance due to her grands jetes, but she is injured early in the piece, struggles to continue, and leaves as the injury worsens; she revealed on Twitter that she broke both sides of her ankle.[13]
  • After her injury, she still accompanied the Candy Apple's to the Joffrey audition and Starbound competition, to support the girls. In The Battle Begins, she is back and fully recovered.
  • Taylor also performed in Nationals 90210, including as part of the group dance.

Season Three[]


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