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g   Tayluer Amos
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Nickname(s): Tay
UK Maddie
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: February 25, 2001
Age: 21
Home: Liverpool, England
Occupation: Dancer
Year 12 in the 2017/18 school year
Affiliations: Rare Studios[1]
Jelli Studios (former)
Nazene Danelle's Dance Dynamix (former)
Friends and Family
Parents: Maxine Kelly (mother)
Tommy Amos (father)
Siblings: Thomas (brother)
Friends: Aleah Simpson
Sam Dennis
Eleiyah Navis
Chloe Fenton
Molly Thorpe-Franklin
Chloe Greenwood
Harry Smallman
Leah Rose Kennedy
Angel Wharmby
Josh Adedoyin
Sophia Turner
Phoebe Harvey
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer
Last: It's The End Of An Era, Kid
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Tayluer Loren Amos (born February 25, 2001) is a dancer who featured on Dance Mums. She is the daughter of Maxine Kelly.

Other Information

  • During her time on the show, she was often labeled as the "UK Maddie" as like Maddie, she was the number one girl on the team.
  • Her favorite pop star is Beyoncé.
  • Her idols are Sophia Lucia and Maddie Ziegler, who both starred on Dance Moms. Maddie is also her favorite girl on the show as well as Kalani Hilliker.
  • Her favorite styles of dance are lyrical and commercial.
  • Tayluer said that Eleiyah was her biggest competition on the team.
  • Her proudest moment was when she won the Dance World Cup in Season 1.
  • She has been dancing since the age of three.
  • Tayluer is a three-time world champion.[2]
  • She wears contact lenses[3] and occasionally glasses.

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