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"The Best Is Yet to Come" is the twenty-seventh episode of the seventh season of Dance Moms. It first aired on October 24, 2017.


Emotions run high as the team prepares for their final Nationals competition as The Irreplaceables; with four solos, the girls go head-to-head to see who can come out on top; the mothers and the girls contemplate what their future holds.[1]

Competition Attended

Fearless Dance Experience in Lawndale, CA on April 15, 2017 (Centinela Valley Center for the Arts)

Weekly Dances

The Irreplaceables
Dance Name
Dance Style
Survivor Open 1st Overall
Chloe The Reason Why Contemporary 3rd in Teen Solo
Kalani Out For Blood Contemporary 2nd in Senior Solo
4th Overall
Kendall Troublemaker Contemporary 2nd in Teen Solo
Nia I Need No One Contemporary 1st in Teen Solo
5th Overall
Dolce Dance Studio
Dance Name
Dance Style
Reagan (not shown) 1st in Junior Solo
1st Overall

Other Information

  • Kalani's solo is the same one that had been pulled the previous week.
  • JoJo and Jessalynn Siwa made an appearance at the competition[2] and hung out with the team.[3] Daviana Fletcher was also in attendance.
  • April 10: Camryn and Nia worked alongside singer as part of a promotional video for his single "Fiyah".
  • April 11: Kalani on set shooting for her collection with ALYCE Paris
  • April 13: Premiere of Cowgirl's Story starring Chloe

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