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“The Girl I Wanna Be”
The Girl I Wanna Be
Song by
Sarah Ozelle
Dance:   "The Girl I Wanna Be"
Album:   The Girl I Wanna Be - EP
August 6, 2012
Sarah Ozelle
Writer(s):   Sarah Michelle Ozelle
Producer(s):   Sarah Ozelle
Album Chronology
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Song (Youtube link)
"The Girl I Wanna Be" is a song by Sarah Ozelle. It was used for Maddie's solo "The Girl I Wanna Be" in No One Likes A Bully. It was used again in Brooke's Back.

" Youtube link


I got a picture of the girl I wanna be
Dancing 'round inside my head
I haven't met her, she's just a better, brighter me
But I ended up like this instead
Wishing I was someone else, dreaming of a better self

The girl I wanna be doesn't have a worry in the world
She smiles at almost everyone she sees
And I know all my clothes would look better on her
She'd write this song much better than me
Oh, she knows she holds the world in her hand
Oh, she knows that she's brave enough to take her stand

The girl I wanna be doesn't need everything she sees
Or drink 'til she says things she doesn't mean
Left to her own devices, she won't screw everything up
Or lose it in a crowd and make a scene

She'll never hit thirty, she'll never slow down
She's comfortable in her own perfect skin
And she'll never feel dirty, or wear this worried frown
She's pure on both the outside and within

She's not wishing she was someone else
Or dreaming of a better self
Oh, she knows that fortune only favors the bold
And oh, she knows she's beautiful, no need to be told

I got a picture of the girl I wanna be
I hope that one day that girl is me



  • This song is in the key of G major; the (very rough) chord progressions are:

Verse: G Em C D

Chorus: C G C D

Bridge: Em Bm C G Em Bm C D.