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Dance Moms follows the mothers of young dancers at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. One of the main points of the show is seeing the mothers' reactions to what is happening with their daughters.

The Moms on Dance Moms


Cathy Nesbitt-Stein is Vivi-Anne's mom. She owns a studio in Ohio called Candy Apple's Dance Center. Their main goal is to beat the Abby Lee Dance Company, and has engaged in various acts of minor comedic villainy. In the third season, she replaced her old team with hand-picked dancers (mostly boys) from across the country. Cathy is most disliked by the other mothers.


Christi Lukasiak, Chloe's mom, gets in the most arguments with Abby, because Abby is constantly favoring Maddie over Chloe. Christi's friendship with Kelly became strained in the third season. She is also friendly with Holly, but is more likely to argue with the other Moms. Fans of the show have voted Christi their favorite Mom repeatedly.


Holly Frazier is Nia’s mom. When Holly previously was working as a school principal and before she completed her doctorate in education,[1] Abby often yelled at her for being absent in supporting her daughter. She is the mom who has been in the least fights with Abby, because she keeps a calm attitude.


Jill Vertes is Kendall's mom. They were new additions to Abby's team during season two, but defected to Cathy's studio, only to later return to Abby's team. She was initially disliked by the other mothers (except for Melissa), but she became better liked upon returning.


Kelly Hyland is the mom of Brooke and Paige. In the show, she is portrayed as a less-demanding mom who supports her kids' choices. She has often fought with Abby, because of the lack of time Abby spends with Brooke and Paige. In Season Four, her physical altercation with Abby led to court battles and tabloid headlines, as well as her departure from the show.


Kira Girard is the mother of Kalani Hilliker. Along with her daughter, she had previously been on the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Contest.


Melissa Ziegler is a divorced mother of two, Maddie and Mackenzie. She is determined that her daughters get to the top of the pyramid. Christi and the other Moms have complained that Melissa is sneaky in her methods of advancing her daughters. She is now known as Melissa Gisoni.

Other Dance Moms and Dance Dads


Adriana Smith is the mother of Kamryn Smith. They joined the ALDC in Season 8 for an episode, but left after that same episode after Abby decided that Kamryn wasn't a good fit for the team.

Amanda - Abby's Audition.20200522 213046.jpg

Amanda Hernandez is the mother of Berkleigh Hernandez.

Ann Colin (1).jpg

Ann Colin is the mother of Hannah Colin.

Ashlee 02 - Wild Wild West Coast.jpg

Ashlee Allen is the mother of Brynn Rumfallo. Both her and Brynn guest starred on the show in Season 5 before departing without an explanation. Ashlee's sense of superiorty by Brynn's destiny to be "the next Maddie", as well as her negative comments about the other girls on the team and resulted in her being shunned by the other mothers, particularly Jill and Melissa. Both her and Brynn left the show in Season 7 following the disbandment of the team.

Ashley Hosbach.jpg.jpg

Ashley Hosbach is the mother of Pressley Hosbach. Ashley was a dancer of the New York Knicks.

Blank Thin Black.png

Barb Schrade is the mother of Season 1 Candy Apple's dancer Erika Schrade. Like other parents attending the CADC from before Dance Moms began, she became disenchanted with experiences from the show; and like some of these, her off-show relationship with Cathy soured soon thereafter.

BrigetteT - crop.jpg

Brigette Triana is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Lucas Triana. Both she and her son Lucas were previously stars on Dance Moms: Miami.

Camille Bridges % 282% 29.png

Camille Bridges is the mother of Camryn Bridges. They joined the ALDC in Season 7 but later that season left with several ALDC members to form The Irreplaceables.

Cheryl Chapman2.jpg.png

Cheryl Chapman is the mother of Fallon Chapman.

Christy Hunt, also known as "Chrīst-y" and "Christy-with-a-Y" (to distinguish her from Christi), is the mother of Sarah Hunt. She is known for her bellicosity on the show.

Minister Dawn S01-E07.jpg

Minister Dawn Check is the mother of Regan. She appeared in the series premiere, where she was shown yelling at Abby, when Regan was dismissed from practice for improperly wearing socks and a t-shirt. She later returned briefly, arguing with Abby on how much was owed. Regan confirmed on her YouTube account that they left the ALDC, and she now trains in a different studio.


Diane Pent is Brandon's mother. She appears in one episode of season one of Dance Moms, but her son and daughter Brittany (who has not appeared in Dance Moms) have been dancing at Abby's for some time. As stated by her in the episode, she and Kelly were once really close, but later Kelly started hanging around Christi more, because Chloe and Paige had some of the same classes since they were around the same age. Diane also has a small cameo in The Beginning of the End, where she is seen arguing with Leslie for leaving the kids without a ride when they were in Los Angeles.

Erin Kristich.jpeg

Erin Kristich is the mother of Savannah Kristich. Erin and Savannah joined the team in Season 8 but that season left after it was announced that Elliana was returning to the show.

Fernanda Fletcher (2).png

Fernanda Fletcher is the mother of Daviana Fletcher.

Gina mom of mari dudash candy-apples via Lori Acken channelmagblog.jpg

Gina Urso-Dudash is the mother of Season 3 and Season 4 Candy Apple's dancer Mari Dudash. She is the artistic director of a studio she founded; and is also director of Energy National Dance Competitions.[2]


Gina Torres is the mother of Season 3 and Season 4 Candy Apple's dancer Lennon Torres. They had previously appeared on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

S03-E02 25-49.jpg

Gloria Hampton is Kaeli Ware's mom. She angered Abby by trying to arrange a solo for her daughter with competition officials, without getting Abby's permission. She is a dance teacher and studio owner.

S03-E02 18-31.jpg

Jackie Lucia is the mother of Sophia Lucia. Christi accused her of saying disparaging things about an amazing dancer in Miami, and suggested playing dirty tricks on Jackie. She has twice mysteriously disappeared from the ALDC, the second time expressing discomfort at the fighting.

S7 Jaime and Maesi promo.jpg

Jaime Caes is the mother of Maesi Caes. They joined the ALDC in Season 7 but later that season left along with the other remaining ALDC members. Jaime and Maesi can be seen in the season eight special The New Team but didn't return with the team.

Jeanette Cota big thumbnail.jpg

Jeanette Cota is the mother of Ava, and is owner of a dance studio.

611 Jeannie.jpg

Jeannie Quinn is the mother of three, Kaylee Quinn, Rihanna Quinn and Coco Quinn.

Jessalynn JoJo.jpg

Jessalynn Siwa is the mother of JoJo. She had previously been on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition with her daughter, and is owner of a dance studio.

Lifetime Joann or JoAnne Gavin McKenzie.jpg

Jo Anne Morales is the mother of Season 4 Candy Apple's dancers Gavin and McKenzie. She has fought with Brigette.

Joanne Paolantonio.jpeg

Joanne Paolantonio is the mother of GiaNina Paolantonio.

Lifetime Cast-DanceMoms-200x250 Jodi Kamryn.jpg

Jodi Gray is the mother of Kamryn Beck.

Tumblr m97t3rQguC1r9sljzo1 500.jpg

Kaya Wiley (aka "Black Patsy") is Nicaya's mother. With her daughter, she briefly joined the ALDC in the second season, but was quickly gone after much fighting with the other mothers. Her daughter competed against the ALDC in the third season, but was disqualified for Kaya's belligerence at the venue. They later joined Candy Apples Dance Center's competition team and competed with the studio against the ALDC at several competitions in Season 3.

Mini Mom Kerri (3).png

Kerri Evans is the mother of Peyton Evans.

Kim Nguyen.png

Kim Nyugen is the mother of Season 4 guest dancer Chloe Nguyen. She worked in facial rejuvenation, and decided "slumming it" in Pittsburgh wasn't her style.

Kristie Ray-E14-crop.jpg

Kristie Ray is the mother of Asia Monet Ray. The two were first seen on the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, where Asia placed third overall in the end. The two later joined the ALDC in Season 3 of Dance Moms, where they traveled with the team to various competitions throughout the 2013 season. The two left the ALDC the week of Nationals after Christi and Leslie's physical fight in New Orleans in The Big, Not So, Easy.


Lakisha Samuels is the mother of Paris Moore.

S03e01 10-01.jpg

Leslie Ackerman is the mother of Payton. Her daughter has been dancing at Abby's for awhile. The other Moms aren't fond of Leslie, because of her loud mouth and tendency to say whatever is on her mind.

Chloe and Liza.jpg

Liza Smith is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Chloe Smith.

Loree Cloud vidcap cropped.jpg

Loree Cloud is the mother of Jade. She is a dance teacher and studio owner.

Mini Mom Lynn.png

Lynn Fay is the mother of Kendyl Fay.

S03-E02 31-02.jpg

Marcia Hoffheins is Bella's mom. She became upset when Gloria was seeking a solo for Kaeli, thinking Bella would be the only dancer left without one.

623 Mariel Figueroa.jpg

Mariel Figueroa is the mother of Yadiel Figueroa.

Maryen Lorrain Miller.jpg

Maryen Lorrain Miller was Abby's mom. She appeared throughout the first four seasons, and in particular, the episode The Mother of All Specials. She was a dance teacher, and once ran what is now Abby's studio.

Maryen died of colon cancer on February 8th, 2014.

Mini Mom Mary (2).png

Mary Owen is the mother of Alysa Owen.

Melanie and Haley 2015-03-18.jpg

Melanie Huelsman is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Haley Huelsman.

Michelle Georgiana.jpg.jpg

Michelle Georgiana is the mother of Sarah Georgiana. They joined the ALDC in Season 8 but that season left after their loyalty to the ALDC was questioned.

Mickey Cosculluela is the father of Season 3 Candy Apple's dancer Gino Cosculluela. They were kicked out of Cathy's studio when Mickey was suspected as a spy for Abby. (While unmentioned on the show, he is also the father of Kevin Cosculluela.)

709 Nancy and Jane.jpg

Nancy Dickson is the mother of Jane Dickson.

S03-e12 65-34.jpg

Rick Testerman is the father of Season 3 Candy Apple's dancer Jalen Testerman. Rick was known for his fights with the moms from the ALDC.

Mini Mom Sari.png

Sari Lopez is the mother of Areana Lopez.

Shari Johnson.png

Shari Johnson is the mother of Candy Apple's dancer Tara Johnson.

S03e01 32-14.jpg

Shelly Serigne is Ally's mom. Christi stated she didn't fit in because of her good behavior, making "birds fly out of her mouth" when she spoke, and causing Holly to look rough by comparison.

Stacey Ketchman % 281% 29.jpg.jpg

Stacey Ketchman is the mother of Lilliana Ketchman. Stacey and her daughter first appeared in Return of the Minis as part of the mini team. They eventually left after Everyone's Replaceable... Even Abby after the Elite Competive team was disbanded. Stacey and Lilliana returned to the show in Season 8 as the only people coming back from seasons 6-7.

Tami vidcap cropped.jpg

Tami Adamson is the mother of Tea'. She is a former professional ballet dancer.[3][4]

Blank Thin Black.png

Tanya McCort is the mother of Season 1 and Season 2 Candy Apple's dancer Justice McCort. Abby claimed she was interested in moving Justice to the ALDC in Nationals 90210.

Mini Mom Tiffanie.png

Tiffanie Oladi is the mother of Alexus Oladi.

Tracey vidcap cropped.jpg

Tracey Reasons is the mother of Sarah Reasons. Her daughter attended the same studio as Kira's daughter Kalani, and she was forced on the defensive when Kira denigrated Sarah's dance ability in comparison with Kalani's.

Tricia Farrar.jpg.jpg

Tricia Farrar is the mother of Brady Farrar. She and Brady joined the team in Season 8 but that season left due to Abby's favoritism towards Brady caused tension between the mothers. They later returned in Making a Splash in Pittsburgh.

Yvette Walts headshot.jpg

Yvette Walts is Hadley's mom. She appeared with her daughter on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition; she later claimed on Dance Moms that Abby's criticisms had left Hadley haunted. She brought her daughter's team to compete against Abby's replacement team. When asked to join Candy Apples Dance Center's competition team, they accepted the offer and competed with the studio against the ALDC at several competitions in Season 3.

Mini Mom Yolanda in audience.jpg

Yolanda Walmsley is the mother of Elliana Walmsley. Yolanda and her daughter were invited to join the Mini Competitive Team in Mini Madness and Elliana joined the elite team in Season 7. They left the show during season seven along the other remaining ALDC members but returned for several episodes in season eight. They were later dismissed by Abby after Yolanda caused tension between her and the cast.


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