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“The Party's Here”
806 Snooki costume
Song by
Clooney feat. R.C.
Dance:   "Snooki/Gym Tan Laundry"
Album:   Girlfriend Pop 3
August 16, 2011
Extreme Music
Producer(s):   Extreme Music
Album Chronology
Previous: “—”
Current: “The Party's Here”
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Song (Youtube link)
"The Party's Here" is a song by Clooney featuring R.C. It was used for GiaNina's scratched solo "Snooki" in Lilly's Ultimatum.


The party's here
Dont'cha know
Landing like a tornado

I'll bounce from place to place
In your face
You won't know what hit you

You'll just be standing around
And I'll knock you straight to the ground
I'll start the chase, set the pace
Try keep up with what I do

On the beach at the mall
Baby I'm a freakin' miracle
I'll out shop Kardashians
Lookie look... no money changing hands

I got the bling, I got the swag
Gift of the gab
You want a little fun?
Look out cos here I come
You wanna go wild
You wanna set this off
Hold onto your glass
Cos your world will rock

We might get crazy
Hey, baby don't fear
Get ready to party
The party's here

You know you want it oh
Want it alright
Baby show me what you got
And we can do it all night

We might get crazy
Hey baby don't fear
Get ready to party
The party's here
The party's here
Burning up the dance floor
Like a diva give it more more more

I am the life and the soul
Losing control
I'm dramalicious, so delicious
Take it everywhere I go

What's your poison bring it on
Double shots, double fun
Check your smile, check your style
I'll get your number 'fore I'm done

I'm the bomb bomb bomb
And I got it going on
Step back
Look out cos here I come