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g The Wheels Fall Off
Season 1, Episode 4
Dance Mums group 8
Air Date: November 10, 2014
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One Man Down: Crisis Auditions
Welcome to the Madhouse
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"The Wheels Fall Off" is the fourth episode of the first season of Dance Mums. It aired on 10th November 2014 in the UK.


After last week’s success in Glasgow things were looking up, but not for long! Chloe Snr is back with her Nana Linda but with meltdowns, forgotten routines, broken rules and a trip to casualty for one of the girls, she returns to a studio on the edge.[1]

Competition Attended

Southport Festival


  • Movies

Weekly Dances

Jennifer Ellison Dance Team
Dance Name
Dance Style
Candle in the Wind Contemporary 3rd
Chloe Snr
Let It Go Lyrical 3rd
Aleah You've Got a Friend in Me Musical Theatre Did Not Place
Sam Skyfall Contemporary Did Not Place
Tayluer What a Feeling Musical Theatre


  • Pyramid:
    • Tayluer, Eleiyah, Sam
    • Chloe Jnr, Molly
    • Aleah
  • The pyramid was presented upside down with the top spot going to three girls, Tayluer, Eleiyah and Sam, the middle spots going to Chloe Jrn. and Molly and the bottom going to Aleah. Chloe Srn. is not given a spot on the pyramid.
  • Jennifer decided to bring Chloe Snr back onto the team, but her mum is not back with her. Instead, Nana Linda is with her.
  • Jennifer brought in Rosina Andrews, a world-class choreographer to work with and bring life into the girls.
  • Eleiyah was injured after slipping on water in the changing rooms[2]. This prevented her from competing in the routines.

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