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"Throwback Tuesday: Maddie & Melissa" is the a special episode of the fifth season of Dance Moms. It aired July 21st, 2015 immediately after Solo Battle: Round 1. It is unlikely the episode will be included in the Dance Moms continuity.


In this special episode, we will look back at Maddie and Melissa's Dance Moms journey from Maddie's earliest days as Abby's star pupil to her life now as the most famous 12-year-old dancer in the world. We'll get the behind-the-scenes scoop on their mother/daughter relationship, all of the drama with Abby and their thoughts on the other moms' jealousy.[2][3]

Performances shown

Other Information

  • The show follows the format of a clipshow, with Maddie and Melissa reminiscing and answering questions about past situations, between the first and fifth seasons.
  • Some of the topics discussed about Maddie included:
    • Maddie feeling sick in the earliest moments filmed for Dance Moms
    • Maddie's earliest expectations of the effect of the show; from an initial reaction that the show make her a star; to soon thinking the show would be a minor event in her life that would end after one season.
    • Performing "Angel"
    • Being a perfectionist; motivation from wishing to avoid Abby's yelling and disapproval; and running offstage during her solo in "Abbygeddon."
    • Being asked to show her crowns at practice (Season 2)
    • First acting role in Drop Dead Diva (Maddie saying she had two lines, and wasn't that good.)
    • "Cry", and thoughts on the "Maddie face."
    • The drama with Abby yelling at her, following the end of the "silent protest" (Season 3)
    • Actually receiving already recognizable music for "Amazing Grace."
    • Wider fame in Season 4, from videos with Sia
    • Situations with Abby and Gino in Kiss or Get Off the Pot
    • Pyramid; rivalry that others seemed to want to create with Chloe; Maddie and Chloe's later estrangement
    • Melissa's love of "Birthday"
    • Maddie's surprise at the controversy over "Elastic Heart"; people wishing to tear Maddie down; hope to do more Sia videos eventually; learning to act from Shia LaBeouf, and apparently plans to work with Shia again soon.
    • Losing to Mackenzie, earlier in Season 5
    • Being part of the ALDC

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