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g   Vivi-Anne Stein
Vivi-Anne Stein.jpg
Nickname(s): Vivi
Gender: Female
Born: September 11, 2004[1]
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
11th in the 2021/22 school year
Affiliations: Candy Apple's Dance Center
Cleveland Repertory Tap Company[2]
Abby Lee Dance Company (former guest)
St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Friends and Family
Parents: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein (mother)
Mike Stein (father)
Friends: Mackenzie Ziegler
Chloe Lukasiak
Maddie Ziegler
Tara Johnson
Kerisa McCullough
Taylor O'Lear
Sarah Parish
Justice McCort
Erika Schrade
Jalen Testerman
Episode Run
Debut: The Competition Begins
Last: Same Old Frenemies Part 2
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Feat. video: Solo "Dream to Dream" (2014)
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Vivi-Anne Quinn Nesbitt-Stein (born September 11, 2004) is a dancer at Candy Apple's Dance Center. Her mother is Cathy Nesbitt-Stein.

Other Information

  • Vivi's favorite style of dance to perform is tap.[3]
  • Lifetime's website has stated her hobbies other than dancing are swimming, cooking, playing with her stuffed dog Patch, and eating.[3]
  • Vivi's favorite color is blue.[3] She said in The Competition Begins that she doesn't like the color pink.
  • Vivi's favorite subject in school is science.[3]
  • Her favorite thing about dance is performing.[3]
  • When she grows up, she wants to help teach at Candy Apple's Dance Center.[3]
  • Cathy adopted Vivi-Anne from Guatemala.[4]
  • If she doesn't teach dance, she would like to be a doctor.[3]
  • She was present in every Candy Apples group number through Season 2.
  • In Stealing the Show, Vivi states that she doesn't like the costumes or make up.
  • After returning to "Dance Moms" Vivi wore braces. Her braces have since come off.
  • Vivi-Anne attends St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Louisville, Ohio. She is a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas High School cheerleading squad.[5]
  • Vivi was born exactly three years after the September 11th attacks.

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