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"Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1" is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Dance Moms. It first aired February 17th, 2015.


It's the ALDC's last week in LA and the Moms' patience with Abby has grown thin due to the lack of opportunities for every girl except Abby's favorite. While Maddie is away, guest starring on TV's "Austin and Ally," Abby brings in two swing dancers who not only take away her time and attention but also threaten the girls' chance at their biggest audition to date, a music video for internet sensation and pop star MattyB. Abby's job as a manager is put to the test when one of her star pupils gets offered the lead.[2]

Other information

  • Pyramid
    • Kendall
    • Kalani, Maddie
    • Mackenzie, JoJo, Nia
  • Sarah Reasons was with the team throughout the week, including her birthday on Friday. Also with the team was Brynn Rumfallo (like Kalani and Sarah R., from Club Dance Studio.)
  • A music video[3] was privately recorded before leaving L.A., for the song "Turn Up The Track" by MattyB.[4] Erik Saradpon is the music video choreographer in this episode. Marshall Manning is identified as the music video director.
  • Molly Long is the guest choreography for the group dance "Moulin Rouge."
  • Kalani and Sarah's duet is based on two figure-skating rivals, one of which (Tonya Harding) allegedly hired a thug to hit the other skater (Nancy Kerrigan) in the knee, hoping to disable her, and thus win an Olympic medal. Abby assigns Kalani to the role of Nancy, and assigns the role of Tonya to Sarah R.
  • On Monday November 17, Mack Z (Mackenzie) released a holiday song, "Christmas All Year Long." On November 20, Billboard premiered the music video with accompanying article.
  • Maddie in photo spread article for Elle. (A second Elle gallery.) Maddie has been away from the team during the week, cast to appear in Austin & Ally. She didn't dance this week. (Diana Kaz[andjian] @ddkaz worked with Elle photographer Olivia Bee.)
  • Chloe Smith and her mother were caught in the "Snowvember" storm while returning from auditions,[5] with six feet of snow falling within 24 hours in parts of Buffalo, NY.[6]
  • This is the first episode to feature Ashlee Allen and Brynn Rumfallo.

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