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“World on Fire”
808 Blue Bloods (5)
Song by
The Rigs
Dance:   "Blue Bloods"
Album:   World on Fire
November 17, 2017
Indie Rock
Saint Rogue Records
Producer(s):   Extreme Music
Album Chronology
Previous: “When We Were Young
Current: “World on Fire”
Next: “—”
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For the song used at the beginning of the dance/heard on the show, see Music for the Royal Fireworks: Ouverture.

Song (Youtube link)
"World on Fire" (or "Set the World on Fire") is a song by The Rigs. It was used for the group dance "Blue Bloods" in A Team on Trial.

Youtube link
Group dance from broadcast


Come all you sisters
From the shadows
Step into the fire light

Come all you brothers
Lay your burdens down
& step into the night

Pray to gods to save your soul
Cause we don't know if...

We set the world on fire
We set the world on fire

Search the clouds
Inside your mind
For memories of the lightning strike

Listen for thunder
Hear it echo
Thru the chambers of your mind

Pray the spirits bring some rain
Wash sins away cause...

We set the world on fire
We set the world on fire

Come all you lovers
Step into the flames
Cause we set the world on....