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“You Knock Me Out”
722 T.K.O (1)
Song by
L.J. Nachsin feat. Tony B
Dance:   "T.K.O"
Album:   You Knock Me Out (feat. Tony B)
August 15, 2014
L.J. Nachsin
Writer(s):   Lawrence Nachsin
Album Chronology
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Current: “You Knock Me Out”
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Song (Youtube link)
"You Knock Me Out" is a song by L.J. Nachsin featuring Tony B. It was used for Elliana's solo "T.K.O" in Ashlee's Big Decision Part 2.

Youtube link
Full Solo


You knock... me out
Without even raising a fist
You knock... me out
With a wink, a smile or a kiss

I've been in the ring a time or two
I've fought above my weight and won a few
But now my skills are in doubt
'Cause you knock... me out

You knock me out
Without even breakin' a sweat
You knock... me out

And I haven't gotten up yet
I've gone twelve rounds and never hit the ground
I've learned to duck and dance around
But when you give me that little pout
You knock... me out

You float like you're dancing on air
But you sting like you just don't care
In this battle of romance
You don't give a fella a chance

But if you think I'm ready to fall
Well, baby, you don't know me at all
I've never walked away from a fight
And, honey, I can last all night
You knock... me out

But this is just round one
You knock... me out

But the battle has just begun
You think you beat me with your winning ways
You think you've got me totally dazed
You might put me down but I've still got clout
You knock me out
Well, you knock me out
You knock me out

Bada-bing, bada-boom
Ha, ha!
And I'm out