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g   Yvette Walts
Yvette Walts headshot
Gender: Female
Born: October 29/30[1][2]
Home: Evansville, IN
Occupation: Dance teacher
Wellness educator
Fitness educator
Affiliations: Thr!ve Dance Company
Friends and Family
Children: Hadley Walts (daughter)
Friends: Cathy Nesbitt-Stein
Gina Torres
Kaya Wiley
Gina Dudash
Brigette Triana
Rick Testerman
Feuds: Kristie Ray
Episode Run
Debut: Out With the Old, In With the New

  Yvette Walts is a mother who appeared in various Season 3 and Season 4 episodes, including Out With the Old, In With the New and An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away.

In between the time of Anthony Burrell and Blake McGrath, Yvette briefly filled the role of Cathy's choreography assistant, in On-Again, Off-Again Abby.


Yvette danced throughout her formative years and became a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and judge.[3] She is an instructor at Thr!ve Dance Company, located in Evansville, Indiana.

Prior to appearing in Dance Moms, Yvette and her daughter Hadley Walts were competitors on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

In Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition[]

Yvette and Hadley were finalists in AUDC. Yvette, being a dance teacher, took advantage of her background and helped out in the group numbers her daughter Hadley was in. Yvette started many fights with the other moms, mainly Erin (mother of Elisabeth) and Kristie (Mother of Asia). Yvette and Kristi were at each others throats most of the season. Yvette lost most of her friends in the episode "Sabatoge" when she and Hadley picked everyone's assignments. Yvette and Hadley placed dancers Amanda, Lexine, Elisabeth in hip-hop, which isn't their strength. They also were going to give Asia, the youngest dancer who couldn't pick up choreography quickly, a solo but instead gave it to Hadley and placed Asia with one of the best dancers in the competition. This backfired on them as Hadley was given the comment "Roadkill" by Abby, which haunted her the next 2 weeks. Hadley was in the bottom 2 for the next two weeks and eventually got eliminated in week 7. They returned for the finale and that brought back her rivalry with Kristi.

In Dance Moms[]

In Out With the Old, In With the New, Yvette calls Abby and they talk about Abby coming to Indiana; Abby makes the crazy sign with her finger around her ear. Yvette and Hadley then talk about Abby calling one of Hadley's performances "roadkill," which supposedly has left Hadley haunted and traumatized, doubting if she wishes to continue dancing. Yvette tells Hadley that Abby would get back what she has given.

The day of the competition, Abby sees Hadley, Yvette, and her dance team, and they talk for a bit. At the awards, Yvette thinks they're going to beat Abby, but Hadley comes in second and Sophia wins first place. The Abby Lee Dance Company group dance, however, comes in second place, and Thr!ve's group dance comes in first. Abby is mortified. Afterwards, Abby chats with Yvette and Hadley.


  • If Hadley had won the $100,000 from Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, it would have gone into her college fund.[3]
  • She likes to watch all style of dance, but high energy jazz and hip hop are her favorites. She says they make her want to get up and dance.[3]
  • She is a dance teacher, wellness educator, and fitness educator.[3]
  • Her hobbies and interests besides dance are working out, shopping, and hanging out at the golf course.[3]
  • Yvette has had fun with "Roadkill," making t-shirts with the comment.[4]


 I was not crying during Sophia's routine. 
 Yvette, on Twitter


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